Question NW391 to the Minister of Women in the Presidency

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24 February 2016 - NW391

Profile picture: Mackay, Mr G

Mackay, Mr G to ask the Minister of Women in the Presidency

With reference to President Jacob G Zuma’s undertaking in his State of the Nation Address delivered on 12 February 2015, that the Government will set aside 30% of appropriate categories of state procurement for purchasing from Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs), co-operatives, as well as township and rural enterprises, what percentage of the total procurement of (a) her office and (b) every entity reporting to her went to (i) SMMEs and (ii) co-operatives from 1 April 2015 up to the latest specified date for which information is available?


The Department of Women procured goods & services from 1 April 2015 up to 31 January 2016 as follows:

a) Department of Women

(i) SMME’s – 69.38%

(ii) Co-operatives – 0.00%

b) Not Applicable


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