Question NW4207 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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17 December 2015 - NW4207

Profile picture: Basson, Mr LJ

Basson, Mr LJ to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(1)How will problems associated with sludge at the wastewater treatment plant in Vredefort in the Free State be resolved to prevent pollution in the area; (2) what are the full details of the quality of the water tested from the specified plant during the period 1 January 2014 to 31 October 2015; (3) what is the mega-liter (a) inflow and (b) outflow per day at the specified plant; (4) why is sewerage overflowing into the oxidation ponds; (5) (a) what (i) was the budget, (ii) was the actual cost for the upgrades done to the specified plant and (iii) are the relevant details of the upgrades done and (b) how many contractors worked on the upgrading of the specified plant?


(1) Ngwathe Local Municipality is currently engaged in a process of research and development on how to utilize alternative ways of Sludge disposal. The Municipality is currently looking at piloting the use of sewer sludge for producing energy. This very energy will be used to drive the wastewater treatment plant, whilst preventing pollution. The Sludge is also available for Local and neighbouring farmers. Furthermore activated sludge is needed inside the aeration tanks to improve the process.

(2) The full details of the quality of the water tested from the specified plant can be provided by the specified municipalities for the period in question.

(3) The design capacity of the plant is 5.5Ml/day. Inflow and outflow readings per day can be provided by the Ngwathe Local Municipality.

(4) The sewage is no longer flowing to the oxidation ponds as the plant is operational.

(5) The project was budgeted for R17 000 000.00 and the actual cost is R16 889 500.00. The scope of work included the refurbishment of wastewater treatment works, Outfall sewer line, dry beds and three pump stations. Two main contractors were appointed.


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