Question NW2302 to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

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27 July 2022 - NW2302

Profile picture: Horn, Mr W

Horn, Mr W to ask the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

Whether the National Prosecuting Authority has taken any decision on whether any prosecution will be instituted in respect of case number CAS 109/09/2021 opened at the Parkweg Police Station, with regard to possible financial crimes committed within the administration of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality; if not, what is the reason for the failure to take such a decision; if so, what are the relevant details?


The Director of Public Prosecutions: Free State confirmed that the Specialised Commercial Crime Unit received the said criminal case docket, allocated to a Senior Advocate to deal with the docket. Additional information was subsequently submitted by the Investigating Officer towards the end of May 2022 for evaluation. The decision in respect of all matters is pending.

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