Question NW1773 to the Minister of Police

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01 September 2021 - NW1773

Profile picture: Ndlozi, Dr MQ

Ndlozi, Dr MQ to ask the Minister of Police

(1). Whether he has any relationship with a certain person (name and details furnished) that may influence his official policy decision-making; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what is the nature of the relationship and (b) does it include discussing Crime Intelligence matters;


(1). He is a person I know who can be described as an acquaintance.

(a). As explained above to be acquaintance.

(b). It include receiving information on different matters that may touch my work, which happens to many South Africans on daily basis.

(2). As said from above information has been received and is not classified as Intelligence information since that can be done by competent structures.

(3). Again to me whatever discussion remains information, until it is classified by those who are competent to do so. I have heard that as I was informed.

It has been explained. I receive a lot of information from the members of time community and I don’t check the security clearance status that includes the person you are talking about. Maybe General Khan as an Intelligence person and competent can explain if this was intelligence information and has advised me so.

Reply to question 1773 Approved

Date: 2021/08/30