Question NW2242 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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27 November 2020 - NW2242

Profile picture: Selfe, Mr J

Selfe, Mr J to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

Whether her department owns a property at 62 Orchard Street, Newlands, Western Cape; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what is the extent of the specified property and (b) who currently occupies the property?


The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure:

Yes, the Department owns the property in question.

a) The site is made up of 4 erven and the total size is 3 830m².

b) It is currently occupied by the Departmental official (Director: Property Management in the Cape Town Regional Office)

I was informed that request to occupy the state-owned property was authorised in April 2018 by the then Regional Manager, Mr F Johnson, then Chief Director Mr B Kgasoane and Mr B Matutle, then Deputy Director-General IGC.

I have requested the Acting Director-General, Mr I Fazel, to investigate the matter.

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