Question NW2074 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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26 November 2020 - NW2074

Profile picture: Siwisa, Ms AM

Siwisa, Ms AM to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

What (a) are the names of the officials who have been found to have conducted themselves irregularly in relation to the Beitbridge project and (b) steps has she taken to hold the specified officials accountable for their actions?


a) The principles of natural justice demand that officials who have been implicated in misconduct be given an opportunity to give their side of the story against allegations levelled against them. It is on this basis that the names of the officials are withheld until all the affected employees have been properly served with the final charge sheets.

The process has been assigned to the Office of the State Attorney. Both the initiator and the chairperson of the disciplinary hearings have been appointed. The provisional charges were served on the implicated officials on the 05 October 2020.The officials were given seven (7) working days to provide the department with the written representations as to why they must not be formally charged with misconduct. The officials have already made written representations to the department. The process is underway to consider all the written representations made by the officials. Thereafter the department will consider whether to confirm the charges against the officials or not. Once the final charge sheet is served the names will be provided.

b) All the affected employees will be subjected to disciplinary hearings. The process has already commenced as indicated in clause a) above.

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