Question NW1883 to the Minister of Finance

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04 September 2020 - NW1883

Profile picture: Shivambu, Mr F

Shivambu, Mr F to ask the Minister of Finance

(a) What amount has been paid as a settlement by any (i) person, (ii) corporation and/or (iii) fund to each pension and/or retirement fund (details furnished), (b) which payments were approved by a certain person (name and details furnished) and (c) how was the decision to allocate the payments into the funds made?


Kindly note that the Office of the Pension Funds Adjudicator (OPFA) only deals with complaints referred to it in terms of section 30A of the Pension Funds Act, 24 of 1956. Therefore, the questions posed above would not arise in the execution of the OPFA’s mandate.

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