Question NW675 to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

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08 June 2020 - NW675

Profile picture: Mileham, Mr K

Mileham, Mr K to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

(1) What is the current status of the investigation into the sale, also known as stock rotation, of the strategic fuel stocks of the Strategic Fuel Fund; (2) whether the report of the investigation will be submitted to the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy; if not, why not; if so, by what date; (3) has any (a) disciplinary, (b) criminal and/or (c) civil action been instituted against each person who is implicated; if not, in each case, why not; if so, what are the relevant details in each case?


(1) SFF has filed the papers and supplementary papers after the investigation. Report has been handed to the Law Enforcement Agency (Hawks) for further criminal investigation;

(2) At this stage the report cannot be shared with any member of the public as advised by the Law Enforcement Agency (Hawks);

(3) (a) Report is being reviewed internally for any evidence of misconduct and any recommendations will be implemented;

(b) As in (1) above the investigation is still with the Hawks;

(c) Report is being investigated by the Hawks and also internal review for any misconducts. Recommendations from the 2 investigations will be implemented;


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