Question NW517 to the Minister of Women in the Presidency

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01 April 2019 - NW517

Profile picture: Khawula, Mr M

Khawula, Mr M to ask the Minister of Women in the Presidency

(a) What number of (i) buildings, (ii) properties and (iii) facilities does her Office currently (aa) own and (bb) rent, (b) what is the value and purpose of each (i) owned and (ii) rented property and (c)(i) for how long has each property been rented, (ii) from whom is each property rented and (iii) what is the monthly rental fee for each property?


The Department of Women does not own any building and/or property. However, the Department has been renting a building at No. 36 Hamilton Street, Arcadia for oRice accommodation for the past 9 years and eleven months to date. The rental fee for the said building is R997 239.02 per month and the lease agreement with Delta expires in December 2020.


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