Question NW802 to the Minister of Energy

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01 April 2019 - NW802

Profile picture: Dlamini, Mr MM

Dlamini, Mr MM to ask the Minister of Energy

(1)(a) On what basis was a certain person (name furnished) removed from certain positions (details furnished) and (b) did he consult Cabinet before he took the decision to remove the person from the specified positions; (2) whether the allegations against the specified person were criminal in nature; if so, will he be pressing charges against the specified person?


1. (a) Mr Luvo Makasi was removed from his position as Chairperson and Director of CEF following serious allegations against him that were brought to my attention. Upon considering his representations on the said allegations, I then decided to remove him from his responsibilities on the CEF Board. (b) In terms of the Memorandum of Incorporation of CEF, the removal of Directors of the Board is the prerogative of the Minister of Energy. There was no consultation with Cabinet.

2. The allegations were of a serious nature. It would be premature at this stage to go into details about the next course of action.

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