Question NW1833 to the Minister of Science and Technology

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18 June 2018 - NW1833

Profile picture: James, Ms LV

James, Ms LV to ask the Minister of Science and Technology

(1) Whether (a) her spouse and/or (b) an adult family member accompanied her on any official international trip (i) in each of the past five financial years and (ii) since 1 April 2018; if not, what is the position in this regard ; if so, what (aa) is the name of the person(s), (bb) was the (aaa) purpose and (bbb) destination of the trip and (cc) was the (aaa) total cost and (bbb) detailed breakdown of the costs of the accompanying person(s) to her department; (2) whether each of the specified trips were approved by the President in terms of the provisions of Section 1, Annexure A of the Ministerial Handbook; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


1. (a) Spouse accompanied the Minister on her international trips (b) No other family member accompanied her

(i) in the financial year 2017 /18 spouse qualified for two trips and he accompanied Minister on one trip to Germany

(ii) Since April 2018 Minister travelled with her husband to Switzerland, as per the Ministerial Handbook Chapter 6:3.1

(aa) Mr. S J Ngubane

(bb),(aaa) in the financial year 2017/18 Germany attending G20 Summit and the year 2018/19 Switzerland, Genava to attend the United Nations

Commission on Science and Technology for Development;

(bbb) Germany; and Switzerland, Geneva;

(cc), (aaa) R121, 139.25;

(bbb) Germany R55,042.49; and Switzerland R66, 096.76.

2. Both trips were approved by the Honourable President and there are no

further details.


DATE: 15/06/2018

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