PanSALB candidates: finalisation

Arts and Culture

21 February 2019
Chairperson: Ms X Tom (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture recommended fifteen names to be appointed to serve on the Board of PANSALB. The list comprised candidates who had expertise in languages, finance and law. In addition, the list had more than 50% representation of women, including a candidate with disability.

Members noted that the candidates passed the vetting process and were seen to be eligible to serve on the Board of PANSALB because during the interview process they proved to know what was expected of them and be suitable for the categories the committee was looking at. It was up to the Minister to decide on the number of candidates to be appointed to the Board of PANSALB.

Meeting report

The Chairperson stated the purpose of the meeting was to formalise the work the Committee has been dealing with regarding PANSALB since 2014.

She indicated that the candidates that were interviewed were people of high caliber who understood the work to be done. The Committee was looking for people who had expertise in languages, finance, and law, including those with disability. The Committee had to wait for the vetting of the candidates to be sure they did not have criminal records in order to lead the institution. Fortunately, all the candidates could be added to the recommended list. She then asked Members to give the names they were proposing to be given to the Speaker. Members of the committee agreed on the following names to be nominated:

  • Maleboa Manfred Kgomotso
  • Makubu- Badenhorst Lolie
  • Mbuli Thulani John
  • Dlavane Fio Dolly Gaesebeng
  • Muthien Bernadette
  • Mthembu Aubbrey Greyling
  • Bilankulu Nkensani Gertrude
  • Gqabu Cinga
  • Dabideen Preetha
  • Dichabe Seipati Bernice
  • Mudau Ntshengedzeni Edward
  • Rasana Nomakhosazana
  • Maahlamela Tebogo David
  • Chilwane Prudence
  • Maartens Mariaan Magdalena

The Chairperson commented the proposed list had 50%+ representation of women, including all the categories they had to look at the beginning of the interviews.

Ms S Tsoleli (ANC) asked what would be the next process.

Ms Ajabulile Mtiya, Committee Secretary, said the fifteen names would be sent to the Speaker, and this would also include the report the committee has compiled on the process that was undertaken before and after the interviews. The Minister would then decide on the number he wants for the Board of PANSALB.

Mr Lindumzi Komle, Committee Content Advisor, informed the Committee that according to the PANSALB Act, the Minister could choose between eleven and fifteen members for the Board of PANSALB. The maximum would be twenty.

The Chairperson said the Committee felt the nominated fifteen was the right number to be given to the Minister. It won’t be necessary to overwhelm the Minister with twenty names.

Mr T Makondo (ANC) added that the chosen fifteen were the best out of the twenty-four that were interviewed. If the Minister decided to take whatever number, whether it was eleven or fifteen, it was up to him.

The Chairperson said up to the Department to ensure the people nominated to the PANSALB Board were used to their best ability because the Committee had tried its best to come up with the best candidates who knew what needed to be done.

The meeting was adjourned.

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