Questions & Replies: Energy B

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Reply received: May 2015

National Assembly Question : 1614

Mr G Mackay (DA) to ask the Minister of Energy:

With regard to the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) does any senior personnel have Senior Reactor Operating Licences; if so, (a) how many personnel have these licences, (b) how long have each of these personnel had these licences and (c) what is each of these personnel’s total years of experience?     NW1831E


Operating licenses are issued to operators within the Nuclear Power Plants. A licensed person ordinarily keeps the license active by complying with the requirements for active license holders. Personnel employed by the Nuclear Power Plants are issued with active licenses. Personnel working for the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) do not hold any operating licenses, but may have held the active licenses before from their previous working experience in the nuclear power plant

  1. 1 employee at a Specialist Level had an active operator license before.
  2. The above employee has held the license for 5 years; and
  3.  21 years.


Reply received: May 2015

National Assembly : 1612

1612.         Mr S J Masango (DA) to ask the Minister of Energy:

(1)      Was the draft Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity (IRP 2013) referred to Cabinet; if so, on what date;

(2)      did Cabinet reject the IRP 2013; if so, on what grounds did cabinet reject it?                                                                        NW1829E

Reply :

  1. No
  2. Not applicable


Reply received: May 2015

National Assembly Question : 1611

Mr G MacKay (DA) to ask the Minister of Energy:

(1)    Does she have any advisors; if so, (a) what are the names of each of the advisors, (b) how are each of these advisors funded, (c) what is the total remuneration of each of these advisors and (d) from which budget is each of these advisors funded;

(2)    does any (a) state-owned enterprise and/or (b) entity reporting to her fund her advisors; if so, (i) which state-owned enterprise and/or entity, and (ii) what is the value of the funding offered by the state owned enterprise and/or entity?       NW1828E


(1) Yes, the Minister of Energy has 2 (two) Advisors; (a) Mr. G. A. Lucas is the political advisor and Mr. L. D. S. Thobejane is the technical advisor, (b) they are both paid by the Department, (c) their remuneration is within the Public Service prescriptions and they are funded as per compensation of employees.

(2) (a) No state-owned enterprise, and/or (b)entity reporting to the Minister of Energy funds the advisors for the Minister of Energy. 


Reply received: May 2015

National Assembly Question : 1589

Mr J A Esterhuizen (IFP) to ask the Minister of Energy:

Whether she has implemented any measures to curb and constrain non-technical or energy losses from municipalities in the light of the 28.2% of power purchases in the City of Johannesburg are being lost through meter tampering and theft; if not, why not; if so, what steps are being taken to prevent such losses given our current shortage of energy supply? NW1796E


Yes, the Minster participated in the process with the Minister of Police, which led to the amendments to the Second Hand Goods Act (Act 6 of 2009). This Act controls the sale of copper from electrical cables.

The legislation requires all scrap metal dealers engaging in recycling of any controlled metals to be registered as a recycler, in addition to being registered as a second hand goods dealer.

Included in the amendments is the compulsory provision for scrap metal dealers to request a copy of seller’s ID and proof of address and an indication of where the scrap was found before they purchase scrap metal. 

In addition, we are in the process of introducing provisions in the Electricity Regulation Act relating to the theft of electricity which will make the punishment of copper theft more stringent.

These measures are meant to reduce the non-technical losses associated with electricity distribution networks