Election of New Committee Chairperson

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Meeting Summary

Mr S Montsitsi (ANC) was elected as the Committee’s new Chairperson. . In attendance was Ms F I Chohan (ANC), Mr JH Jeffrey (ANC); Adv TM Masutha (ANC); Ms RA Ndzanga (ANC); Mr SN Swart (ACDP); Ms FI Adams (ANC: NCOP) and Mr KM Mokoena (ANC: NCOP).

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary stated that the purpose of the meeting was to elect a new chairperson who would succeed Dr E Schoeman (ANC).  In compliance with the Joint Rules of Parliament, Rule 145, she asked whether there were any nominations from members present.

Kgoshi L Mokoena (ANC, Limpopo) nominated Mr S Montsitsi (ANC), which Ms R Ndzanga (ANC) seconded.

The vote was unanimous, and the Committee Secretary announced that Mr Montsitsi was the new chairperson.

Mr Montsitsi thanked the committee for its support. He stated that, in the following weeks, the Committee would be looking at its programme going forward. In the interim, he would be acquainting himself with the various Members, structures and approaches of the Committee. He will endeavour to learn quickly, and will lead the Committee with an open mind in order to understand its interests. He stated that he hoped to pave a new way forward for the Committee.

The meeting was adjourned.




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