Committee Annual Report; Preparations for Budget hearings

Arts and Culture

07 March 2006
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

7 March 2006

Acting Chairperson:

Mr B Z Zulu (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Committee Annual Report on Arts & Culture January – December 2005 [please email

[email protected]]

The Committee Annual Report was considered and corrections were made but it could not be adopted as there was no quorum. There was discussion on the budget hearings.

The Committee Secretary announced that, as there was no quorum, the Committee could meet but no decisions could be taken. In the absence of the Chairperson, nominations were called for and Mr B Zulu (ANC) was elected Acting Chairperson.

The Committee Secretary then referred to correspondence from the Department of Arts and Culture. It invited three members from the Committee to attend the launch of the National Campaign to Commemorate the Women’s March to the Union Buildings in 1956 with a walk from the Mount Nelson Hotel to Parliament on Wednesday 8 March which was International Women's Day. It was agreed that Ms N Mbombo and Mr B Zulu would attend from the ruling party and Ms D van der Walt from the opposition.

Consideration of the Committee Annual Report
It was again noted that the status of the meeting was such that the Report could be considered but not adopted, as the committee was not authorised to take decisions.

It was noted that under Item 2, the Chairperson’s overview was blank. Ms van der Walt queried why the budget figures under Item 13 did not tally. Mr Zulu said that he would take this up at the meeting on 8 March.
It was proposed and agreed that the Annual Report of the Portfolio Committee had been duly considered and awaited adoption, subject to corrections, at a well-constituted meeting.

Preparations for Budget Hearings
In calling for suggestions, the Acting Chairperson reminded members that some of last year's business was heard but not finished, paramount being the meeting with the Department and National Arts Council. The Committee had observed gaps between the operations of both the Department and that institution. The Committee had asked the Chairperson to meet before the end of 2005 with the Department to get a better understanding as to whom was doing what as misunderstanding would affect the operations of stakeholders that expected to be serviced.

Ms van der Walt (DA) asked whether all entities, public and private would be invited as in the past. She noted that not everyone had come. Each province should come. She believed that the Committee needed to know what the National Arts Council was doing in the provinces.

Mr Zulu proposed that the hearings follow the same pattern as before. Institutions would be invited to give submissions, taking into account that some invited last year did not come, and both public and private entities would be invited, with due consideration of time constraints. Provinces would assess what entities should be coming to such hearings.

Mr C Gololo (ANC) felt some entities did not come because of financial constraints and asked whether it would be possible for the Committee to pay for those entities that wished to come but could not due to financial constraints.

Mr Zulu responded that that would be difficult as there was not a budget for this. It should be impressed on province to see to it that these entities did attend these hearings. The provinces should assist.

Ms van der Walt agreed that provinces should assist. However, she was concerned that province would normally pick on one region or district and representation should be more diverse. Each district should identify a body or entity. These entities belonged to provinces, which should help them first. Care should be taken not to give attention to only one area.

Mr Zulu responded that they should impress on the provinces to take a broad look at their entities and assist them. Provinces would choose which cultural formations would be coming to the hearings.

The Acting Chairperson concluded on this issue that the secretariat would have to arrange the public hearings according to the old pattern, taking into account those entities that were invited but could not come. They needed to sensitise provinces that they should assist. This should be a joint responsibility for the three spheres of government.

Future meetings
In view of the poor turnout to the meeting, it was agreed that the meeting scheduled for Wednesday 8 March, be fused with the meeting scheduled for Thursday 9 March.

The meeting adjourned



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