Demobilisation Amendment Bill [B136-98]: discussion & voting

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Defence and Military Veterans

02 November 1998
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

2 November 1998

Document handed out:
Demobilisation Amendment Bill [B136-98]

The committee was briefed on the Bill. After little discussion, the Bill was passed without amendments with the Freedom Front objecting to it.

Members of the Department of Defence gave a briefing on the Demobilisation Amendment Bill [B 136 – 98].

The proposed amendments included amendments on articles 1, 3 and 7 on the Demobilisation Bill [B99 – 1996]. The aim was to amend the definitions of "dependants" and the "closing date", to regulate the payment of a dependant’s benefit and to effect certain technical amendments as well as to provide for matters connected therewith.

The basic and most important amendment was the extension of the cut-off date, which would be to 31 March 1999, for those effected by the Bill.

The aim of the amendments was to legally provide for the demobilisation of those former liberation organisation soldiers and those from the former homeland defence forces who did not qualify for military training and incorporation into the SANDF. The final date for intake for integration purposes was 31 March 1999.

The Chairperson, Mr. Groenewald (FF), opened the floor for questions. No questions were asked by the members. The Chairperson raised the question of what the financial implication of the amendments would be.

The person from the Department replied that all costs would be catered for within the current budget.

Mr. Yengeni (ANC) raised the point that the amendments were very technical and that it was not necessary to discuss the bill.

The members had no objections to this point and it was decided to vote on the amendments.

It was voted on in a clause-by-clause manner. The Freedom Front noted its official objection to the amendments as it objected to the Demobilisation law.
All clauses were approved.


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