Restructuring the Performing Art Councils: reports

Arts and Culture

02 November 1998
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


2 November 1998.


The meeting was opened by Mr C. Marivate (ANC).

Mr Maas (Capab) made the first presentation. Copies were made of his report and handed to the Committee. He stated that there were similarities and differences between the organisations. Transformation had taken place by going through a process of becoming independent. The assets and company were endorsed by the Eastern Cape and the Arts and Culture Department. The workforce was representative of all races. There were a cross-section of performances, and they had concentrated on educating people in ballet, theatre, opera and jazz.

Mr Maas stated that they had had to downsize their expenses, and that a fundraising trust had been established. The constraints were that there were

different art forms and some were struggling to develop while others were healthy. Full time employment was removed with the new dispensation, and they needed funding. It was difficult to seek private funding especially since this was a new concept. Mr Maas ended his presentation by stating that the report handed to them was more comprehensive.

The next presenter was Mr A Joseph (State Theatre). Copies of his report were also handed to the Committee. He stated that in 1996, they had had a workforce of 750, which was now reduced to 550. The minimum salary had been R1 000 and it was now only R1 500. His concerns were as follows:

  • That there was no full time employment
  • The lack of interest in funding from province

The following presenter, Mr Mapatshwane (ACOS) wanted to develop new audiences, which should be multi-cultural by the year 2000. There were cashflow problems and he felt that they were being disadvantaged. A copy of his report was also handed to the Committee.

The CEO of Playhouse was the next speaker. He stated that because of underfunding, they had turned to Durban City Council for funding. There was a structured campaign towards transformation, management had been replaced and was accessible to all. They had been giv



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