Public Service Commission Vacancy: Committee Programme

Public Service and Administration

29 November 2022
Chairperson: Mr T.H James (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


In a virtual meeting, the Committee met to consider its draft programme and advertisement to fill a vacancy at the Public Service Commission.

The Committee Members proposed that the deadline for the quotation of the advertisement platforms should be extended to 5 December, instead of 2 December.

The draft programme was amended and adopted.

The Committee agreed that a subcommittee will be constituted to undertake the process. They also proposed that the names of the sub-committee Members should be sent to the Committee's administration and that the number of sub-committee members should remain at seven.


Meeting report

Public Service Commission vacancy

The Chairperson welcomed the Members to the meeting, and invited Mr Masixole Zibeko, the Committee Secretary, to take the Committee through the agenda of the meeting.

Mr Zibeko said the Committee had received an Announcements, Tablings and Committees (ATC) notification on the previous Thursday, and through the Chairperson, a special meeting had been convened to allow the Public Service Commission (PSC) vacancy to be advertised.

He said there would be a sub-committee constituted, with four Members from the ruling party and three Members from the opposition parties. He suggested that the Committee should continue with the seven Members as convenors of the sub-committee that would work on the vacancy.

Ms M Ntuli (ANC) proposed that the same Members who did the work previously should continue with it.

The Chairperson responded that the Committee was going to address the matter raised by both Mr Zibeko and Ms Ntuli because the role of the sub-committee was quite vital.

Mr Julius Ngoepe, Committee Content Advisor, took the Committee through the various dates set out in the draft programme for the filling of the vacancy in the PSC. The current meeting was set to consider and adopt the programme. The advertisement would be published in national newspapers from 9 December until 23 December. The short-listing of candidates was targeted for 2 February 2023.


Ms M Kibi (ANC) asked Mr Ngoepe whether they were sure that they would have received enough quotations by 2 December, and if the time frame set out was not too short.

Ms T Mgweba (ANC) echoed the sentiments of Ms Kibi. She proposed that the deadline for the quotation should be extended to 4 or 5 December. She indicated that she was happy with the overall programme.

Dr L Schreiber (DA) said that if the date for the quotation was moved, it should be ensured that the actual advertisement of the vacancy was not delayed. The Christmas and New Year period of advertising was not ideal, as people could not be expected to follow these vacancies. He said that the dates for the publication of the vacancy should still be adhered to.

Mr C Sibisi (NFP) supported the adoption of the programme, with the proposed amendments.

Ms Ntuli supported the sentiments of her colleagues to amend the date and adopt the programme.

The programme was considered and adopted.

Ms Kibi asked the Committee Secretary to confirm whether the suggested timeframes would work.

Mr Masixole replied that the necessary background checks had already been done, and the deadline to publish the advertisement on 9 December would be met.

Ms Ntuli proposed that the selection of the sub-committee should continue to be discussed. Once the processes began, the sub-committee should be able to do its work without having to come back to the Portfolio Committee again.

Dr Schreiber asked whether Ms Ntuli was referring to the number of people on the committee, or the actual Members. He said that the issue of people on the actual committee should be up to the individual political parties to make the call on who would be representing them.

The Chairperson clarified that the focus would be on the numbers, and not the actual names -- the political parties would decide on that.

Ms Mgweba agreed with the proposal from Ms Ntuli.

The meeting was adjourned.


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