Department Budget: briefing

Arts and Culture

26 May 2004
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

26 May 2004

Chairperson: Ms M Njobe

Documents handed out:


Van Zyl's Department Budget Overview
Committee Draft Programme

Mr Nickie Van Zyl, a research analyst, presented an annual budget overview of the Department. The Committee queried discrepancies in the figures and particularly questioned staff representative demographics. Mr Van Zyl said he relied on the quality of statistics provided by the Department, but would try to rectify any errors.

Mr N Van Zyl, a research analyst, presented on the year's budget allocated to the Department of Arts and Culture, as well as the vision and mission of this Department.

Mr Gololo (ANC) asked whether the budget would assist in creating jobs for ordinary citizens.

Professor I Mohamed (ANC) suggested that previous annual statistics be provided within future Budget Reviews for comparison and to indicate progress as a result of implemented policies. There seemed to be various statistical discrepancies between the presentation and the documented versions of the Budget Review.

An ANC Member also expressed confusion about such differences. He queried demographics within the Department, especially the inclusion of disabled staff. He also asked whether the Cultural Industry Growth Study had had an impact on strategy expenses.

Mr Van Zyl explained that more comprehensive research needed to be done on cultural industry growth in order to identify reliable employment and induction statistics of less privileged applicants. Staff demographics had been documented from his observations, not from statistical formulae. He apologised for the discrepancies and said he would correct them.

Mrs Njobe asked whether the inter-departmental movement of funds affected the figures within the budget presentation.

Mr Van Zyl stated that disability figures had not been provided, partly because these figures were not easily obtained from the Department. As he researched across various departments, he did not have the time to investigate all matters of concern, especially exact budget diffusion. He relied on the information that he received and his work was thus affected by the quality of such information.

The Chairperson agreed and reminded the Committee that Mr Van Zyl was not part of the Department but was employed as a researcher. The figures presented were designed to provoke further questioning from Members.

The meeting was adjourned.



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