Postponed: National Forestry Amendment Bill: deliberations

NCOP Land Reform, Environment, Mineral Resources and Energy

31 August 2021
Chairperson: Ms T Modise (ANC, North West)
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Meeting Summary

The meeting was postponed as most Members could not join as the plenary session was still taking place at the time of the meeting. It was agreed that the meeting would be rescheduled.

Meeting report

The Chairperson opened the meeting and said the plenary session and ministerial briefing was running over time which meant that most Members had been unable to join the meeting. She asked all present in the meeting to wait for 30 minutes for Members to join the meeting.

Apologies were heard.

The Chairperson told Mr J Jooste, Committee Content Advisor, that he needed to draft separate reports for the Committee.

Ms C Labuschagne (DA, Western Cape) said she had to physically be present in Parliament from 8am-10am in the morning and that there were many people from the Department who were waiting for the meeting to officially begin. She said that she would raise the issue at the Whip’s meeting. The Chairpersons should raise the issue in its meetings.

The Chairperson said it was unfair on the Department and the Provincial Legislature as they were waiting for the meeting to begin.

The Chairperson asked if the plenary session was still taking place.

The Chairperson apologised to everyone present in the meeting and it was agreed that the meeting would be rescheduled for a later date.

The meeting was adjourned.


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