Committee Programe for 1999

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Defence and Military Veterans

26 August 1999
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


26 August 1999

Document handed out
Draft Programme of the Portfolio committee (at end of minutes)

The draft programme was adopted.

The chairperson said that it was difficult to set up the programme since the pieces of legislation which the committee has to focus on, still need to be placed before Cabinet. The National Convention Arms Control Bill might also come before the committee this session.

The chairperson made the following points:
The Chief Whip has recommended that Mondays be used for Study Groups.

The Joint Standing Committee on Defence and the Portfolio Committee on Defence will share Tuesdays depending on which committee has more pressure.

There are certain items which have not been reflected in the draft programme such as the orientation tours to the different bases and the study tours.

The programme would be added to as time went by.

There was a short discussion which included an opposition party MP querying if the portfolio committee is also entitled to be briefed on issues of national concern (as is the Joint Standing Committee on Defence). The Chairperson replied that the portfolio committee does need to be briefed and it has a degree of oversight. She noted that one of the concerns of the smaller parties is that the Joint Standing Committee on Defence will accommodate only the larger parties. She reiterated that the portfolio committee will be briefed as well. All members of committee adopted the draft programme.

Appendix 1:


I The Defence Committees (PC and JSCD) will confine activities to Tuesdays

2 Where possible these Committees will alternate or give priority to urgent issues.

3 Because of the procedures that need to be followed, the legislation that must come to the portfolio committee will be delayed for +/- 6 weeks according to the DOD. This means that this period can then be used for JSCD matters.

4 Orientation trips for members will be scheduled for this period, where possible or take place at later dates.

5 Meetings with Safety & Security, Intelligence and correctional Services will be convened to possible avoid clashes.

6 Mondays are Study Group days


24 AUGUST Civil-military Relations (Dr Stockton: USA Pentagon)

26 AUGUST Portfolio Committee draft programme


07 SEPTEMBER DOD Briefing : Arms control bill

10 SEPTEMBER Role of Parliamentary committees in relation to civil oversight (Dr Stockton - USA Pentagon)

14 SEPTEMBER Discussions: Arms control bill


12 OCTOBER Briefing by DOD 3 Defence bill

19 OCTOBER Discussions: Defence bill

26 OCTOBER Discussion: Defence bill



2 NOVEMBER Briefing by DOD on Military discipline bill

9 NOVEMBER Discussions Military discipline bill

16 NOVEMBER Discussions Military discipline bill

23 NOVEMBER Discussions JSCD

30 NOVEMBER Debate


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