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Defence and Military Veterans

25 November 2003
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


25 November 2003

Ms T Modise

Documents handed out
Annual Report of the Portfolio Committee of Defence

The Annual Report of the Committee was presented to members. Members were satisfied with the report and suggested some minor technical amendments before it was adopted.

The Chairperson indicated that members had received a copy of the Committee's work over the past year and he had asked for any comments or corrections

Mr Jankielsohn (DA) referred to the vision of the Committee and indicated a grammatical change. He said that it should be changed to read that the Committee had to "oversee the Department of Defence in order to ensure that is has capacity". He also suggested that in the Objectives section, it be changed to "enhance the accountability and democracy through participation".

Ms. Matubatse (ANC) suggested that this be changed to "enhance accountability and deepen democracy. This was agreed unanimously.

Mr Jankielsohn (DA) referred to his visit on 18 July 2003 and pointed out that only Mr Schippers had accompanied him. Mr Dlali was not part of the group. He also pointed out that R13 000 was not spent on the trip.

The Committee Clerk said that when he had applied for funding, the cost had amounted to R13 000. Some people however had not attended, so the actual figure had not yet been determined. Mr Blaas (ACDP) said that this should be indicated in the report.

Mr Jankielsohn (DA) said that he wished to thank the Chairperson for the work she had done over the last year. He felt that this should be included in the report. Mr Blaas (ACDP) agreed.

The Chairperson thanked members. She suggested adding to the recommendation section that the state of research needed to be improved and that proper recording of meetings needed to take place.

Mr Morwamoche (ANC) said that more funding should be requested for the Committee so that it could provide proper oversight.

The Chairperson said that they would probably receive more funding in 2004 as the system used to obtain funding had been improved.

Mr Schippers (NNP) suggested that the Committee pursue the invitation of the Russian Consulate to host a visit to Russia.

The Chairperson replied that this was included on the followings year's budget.

The Chairperson asked whether the report could be adopted with amendments. The report was adopted unanimously.

The Chairperson pointed out that the report of the Joint Committee could not be adopted as there was no-one present from the NCOP. This would have to be deferred.

The meeting was adjourned.


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