Committee Legacy Report; Oversight Report; Report on Public Protector Report on Defence Minister Ethics Code violation

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Defence and Military Veterans

28 November 2018
Chairperson: Mr M Motimele (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee convened to consider and adopt its Annual Performance and Public Protector’s Report.

Both Reports were adopted without any amendments.

Members expressed their gratitude to the support staff for the exceptional work done during the year. Members also said farewell to one another as the meeting was the last one for the year.


Meeting report

Opening remarks
The Chairperson welcomed everyone present. He highlighted that this was the Committee’s last meeting and he thanked all the Members and supporting staff for the hard word carried out through the years.

Consideration and adoption of Annual Performance Report
The Chairperson tabled the document for consideration.

Members adopted the Report without any amendments.

Consideration and adoption of the Public Protector Report
The Chairperson tabled the document for consideration.

The Report was adopted without any amendments.

Other Matters

Mr S Marais (ANC) thanked the Chairperson for the opportunity to speak and said that although it was a great year, it was also very challenging and it was important to note that the Committee has worked very hard. He praised the support staff for the exceptional work done under very extreme conditions. He was concerned that Parliament was not taking the Committee seriously – the Committee never gets considered for oversight overseas trips, even though it is an important committee. However, Members have learnt a lot and have interrogated matters very critically with the intention of what is in the best interest of the defence force. Members have always considered what was at the best interest of the country as well as the South African defence force.

Mr D Gamede (ANC) briefly thanked the Committee and the staff for the work carried out throughout.

The Chairperson also thanked the supporting staff for the work done throughout the years. As for the Members he expressed his appreciation for the support he received as the Chairperson. The Committee held constructive debates which showed that Members understood the portfolio that they are participating in. The Auditor General of South Africa has given the Committee a clean bill of health as one of the best performing committees. He bade farewell to all Members and everyone present.

The meeting was adjourned.



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