Department of Arts and Culture on its Quarter 1 performance: meeting postponed

Arts and Culture

22 August 2017
Chairperson: Ms X Tom (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee was supposed to receive a briefing from the Department of Arts and Culture on its Quarter 1 performance. However, the Committee postponed the briefing due to the absence of the Director-General and Deputy Minister. Members complained that the Department was not taking the Committee seriously and agreed to take this matter up with the Ministry.

Meeting report

Opening remarks
The Chairperson opened the meeting by thanking members for their continued support during her time of grief.

The Chairperson was impressed with the commitment of the members, referring to the work that the Committee had done in Mpumalanga

Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) reflected on the Chairperson’s statement with regards to the funeral that the members were able to attend and how grateful they were to know more about the Chairperson and her family.

Mr G Grootboom (DA) questioned the absence of the Deputy Minister as she is yet to be formally introduced to the Committee. He refused to accept the Deputy Minister’s apology for not being present.

Mr T Makondo (ANC) asked for some clarity with regards to the absence of the Director General and voiced out his frustrations about the lack of commitment from the Director General. He highlighted a recent event hosted by the Department where no one from the Senior Department attended. He added that the Director General is not taking the work of the Committee seriously.

Mr Mahlangu stated that the officials tasked to lead the Department were not present and further questioned the readiness of those who have been appointed.  He questioned the formality of the appointments. He highlighted that a meeting that was meant to take place last week, could not take place because the Director General had sent an email stating that she is moving house, which to him is unacceptable. In his view, the Committee had let the Department off easily while the problem persisted. He suggested that the Committee should write a letter to the Minister to show their dissatisfaction. He further highlighted that the Director General’s in other portfolios appeared before Committees.  The Committee is being failed by the Director General and the Ministry and this matter should be tabled as an agenda item.

The Chairperson asked the Members if it is their decision to release the delegation from the Department. Members of the Committee were committed but the Department was failing the Committee.

The officials were excused from the meeting. The Chairperson left with the delegation to address the situation.

Other matters

Mr Grootboom asked about outstanding matters. Members were promised that a formal email would be sent out to Committee members at a later stage

The Committee reviewed minutes of a previous meeting.

Mr Grootboom mentioned that the International Women’s Conference was taking place next week and thus this would affect next week’s meeting as no meeting will take place. These agenda items will be scheduled for next meetings take will take place on 5 and 12 September.



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