Election of Chairperson

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Meeting Summary

After just one nomination and no objections or further nominations, Ms M Kubayi (ANC) was elected as the chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services.

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary opened the floor for nominations for committee chairperson.

Ms D Tsotetsi (ANC) nominated Ms MT Kubayi (ANC) for chairperson. Ms L Maseko (ANC) seconded the nomination. There were not any objections or alternative nominations.

Ms Kubayi was officially announced as the elected Chairperson and congratulated.

Ms Kubayi thanked the committee members and said she looked forward to working with them as a team to move the country forward. They need to get the ball rolling and move fast as they had their first meeting next week. She would ensure that documents are available on time so that members can prepare themselves in advance. They needed to move into the process of budget approval and she stressed the importance of all the parties working together.

Ms Maseko congratulated Ms Kubayi warmly. She was looking forward to the constructive engagement of the Portfolio Committee. All members present introduced themselves. These were
Ms Tsotetsi, Ms Maseko, Ms M Mafolo (ANC), Mr P Mabe (ANC), Mr G Mackenzie (DA), Ms N Ndongeni (ANC), Mr M Ndlozi (EFF).

The meeting was adjourned.


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