Defence and Military Veterans Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report 2011

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Defence and Military Veterans

31 October 2011
Chairperson: Mr M Motimele (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee adopted the Budgetary Review and Recommendation Report with a few amendments. The Committee agreed that mention should be made of the Defence Review in the BRRR as it was a major policy review process. Members proposed that the Report should also speak to the extra funding needed for maritime defence. The Committee wondered where the additional funding would come for maritime defence. It was agreed that a meeting would be held with the Department of Defence to discuss the defence budget. A presentation would also have to be made to the national Treasury concerning the maritime defence budget.

Meeting report

Defence and Military Veterans Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report
The Chairperson informed the Committee that they would deliberate on the Budgetary Review and Recommendation Report (BRRR) page by page.

He noted that Members agreed on pages 1-3.

Mr D Maynier (DA) noted a minor spacing error on the fourth page.

The Chairperson noted certain formatting issues. He also noted that Members agreed with pages 4-10.

Mr Maynier asked the Committee to focus on the conclusion of the report on pages 10 and 11. He thought it was prudent for the report to make mention of the Defence Review as it meant there was a major policy review process underway, which had major implications on the sector. He suggested that a few lines about the Review be added into the conclusion.

The Chairperson noted the Members agreement with the suggestion.

Mr A Maziya (ANC) added that the BRRR should also say something about maritime defence and their work. The maritime defence force had been given extra responsibilities, which had to be taken into consideration as it would put more financial pressure on the defence budget. He suggested that mention be made of this in the recommendations of the BRRR.

The Chairperson noted that Members were in agreement.

Mr J Maake (ANC) wondered where the additional funds needed for the maritime budget would come from.

Mr Maziya replied that it was his understanding that it had to come from the Department of Defence.

Ms P Daniels (ANC) stated that the economies of South Africa’s neighbouring inland countries depended on the country’s maritime defence. They docked in our harbours; therefore, it was important they should contribute to our defence sector. She also wanted to suggest that the Committee take a closer look at the Castle of Good Hope, as the Auditor-General (AG) had mentioned a few compliance issues in the Audit Report even though they received a clean audit. Members had to address the concern that the entity was not self-sufficient.

Mr M Nhanha (COPE) added that the Committee had to look beyond maritime defence, as the defence sector on the whole was under-funded. The Committee had to consider having formal interactions with the National Treasury on the state of the defence sector.

Mr Maake agreed, saying a formal presentation was needed from the DoD so the Committee could know where they were running short of funding. It was important that the Committee have this documentation to show the National Treasury.

The Chairperson noted the Committees agreement. He proposed Members adopt the BRRR with amendments.

Ms N Mabedla (ANC) moved for the adoption of the BRRR. Mr Nhanha seconded the adoption.

The meeting was adjourned.


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