PC Arts: Committee Programme; 2010 Committee Annual Report; Outstanding Minutes

Arts and Culture

24 January 2011
Chairperson: Ms T Sunduza (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee approved its 2010 Committee Annual Report. Members noted that the Committee had not achieved much in the past year and that the Report lacked substance, especially relating to the Strategic Plans of the Department of Arts and Culture. In addition, Members considered its Draft First Term Committee Programme and adopted it unamended. The Chairperson also proceeded to highlight issues which had been brought to her attention. This included an invite to a Tourism Summit hosted by the Portfolio Committee on Tourism which Members were encouraged to attend as well as issues which had arisen in Pondoland and the Free State which Members felt could only be properly addressed if members undertook oversight visits to the two areas concerned.

Meeting report

2010 Committee Annual Report
Dr A Lotriet (DA) commented that the Annual Report was a sad reflection of what the Committee had achieved for 2010.

Ms M Nxumalo (ANC) pointed out that during 2010 the Committee had lacked leadership. The Committee now had a Chairperson and the performance of the Committee in 2011 would be better.

Ms L Moss (ANC) agreed that the Annual Report was empty. It lacked substance, especially relating to the Strategic Plans of the Department of Arts and Culture.

The Committee nevertheless unanimously adopted the Annual Report. 

The Chairperson understood the sentiments expressed by Members. She was a bit concerned that there were so little funds left over from the Committee’s Budget given that the Committee had not done much during 2010. The explanation given by Committee Section was that unused funds from the Committee had been reallocated to Committee’s that needed additional funding. The Chairperson felt that the Committee should at least have been informed about this reallocation. It would be difficult for the Committee to perform its oversight function without funds.

Draft First Term Committee Programme
The Chairperson noted that the skeletal programme before the Committee was open to change if Members so wished.
Ms Moss asked whether the Programme of Parliament had been taken into consideration in the drafting of the Committee Programme.

The Chairperson answered in the affirmative and placed the Programme before the Committee for consideration.

Members discussed the logistical arrangements for the planned oversight visits for the period 22-25 February 2011.

The Chairperson stated that the Committee Secretary would work out the best and most convenient arrangements that would suit members.

The Committee unanimously adopted the Draft First Term Committee Programme unamended.

Committee Minutes
The Committee unanimously adopted minutes dated the 17 November 2010 and 18 January 2011.

Any other Committee Business
Tourism Summit
The Chairperson informed Members that the Committee had been invited to a Tourism Summit hosted by the Portfolio Committee on Tourism. She made an appeal to Members to attend the Summit.

Ms Lotriet shared the Chairperson’s sentiments that attending the Summit would be in the best interest of the Committee. There was a close link between tourism and arts and culture.

Petition for the recognition of the Nongulana Mountain
The Chairperson stated that the petition called for the Mountain situated in Pondoland to be recognised as a heritage site. The petition had been referred to the Committee.

Ms Nxumalo suggested that the area be included in the Committee Programme as one of the areas to be visited during oversight visits.

Ms T Nwanitwa – Shilubana (ANC) agreed with the suggestion. 

State of affairs at the Free State/Bloemfontein War Museum
The Chairperson understood the issue at the museum to be about nepotism. Issues of racism had also been raised. The matter needed to be attended to.

Ms Lotriet stated that the matter should be handled with care and suggested that the Committee visit the museum to find out the facts. She considered the matter serious.

Ms Nxumalo endorsed the decision to visit the museum.

Cultural issue
The Chairperson stated that it had been brought to her attention that boys after spending time in mountainous areas taking part in rituals associated with reaching manhood, often returned to rape and kill old women because younger women withheld sexual favours.
The issue was about being knowledgeable as to what constituted a sexual offence. Sometimes what was acceptable culturally was considered a sexual offence in terms of legislation.

Members were in agreement that cultural issues needed to be debated especially with traditional leaders.

The Committee appreciated the efforts by the Chairperson to inform Members about issues that had been brought to her attention.

The meeting was adjourned.


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