ATC100518: Report Social Assistance Amendment Bill

Social Development

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Social Development on the Social Assistance Amendment Bill [B5-2010] (National Assembly – Section 76), dated 18 May 2010


The Portfolio Committee on Social Development, having considered the subject of the Social Assistance Amendment Bill [B5-2010] (National Assembly – Section 76), referred to it and classified by the Joint Tagging Mechanism as a section 76 Bill, reports the Bill with amendments [B5A – 2010].


The Committee further wishes to report that:


The Department of Health made a presentation before the Committee on the state of readiness to implement the Harmonised Assessment Tool (HAT) and related matters. The department reported that it is not ready to implement the HAT to assess patients’ eligibility for disability grants due to shortage of trained health professionals to use the HAT. The department will need to diagnose and treat patients with disabilities (as a matter course) and ensure easy access for patients to treatment for chronic illnesses. In order to provide the best care possible, there is a need to strengthen the Primary Health System in various ways. The department also reported that the key to strengthening the Primary Health Care is the provision of the primary care in an integrated manner.  More time is required to improve services at Primary Health Care level and to improve access to such services.


Given the above-mentioned concerns, the Committee therefore agreed to not approve the clauses defining disability and the related clauses therewith. The Committee therefore recommends that those clauses be referred back to Cabinet for its reconsideration.


Report to be considered.


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