ATC080513: Report 2010 World Cup Host Cities Oversight Visit


Report of the Portfolio Committee on Transport on its Oversight Visit to Tshwane, one of the 2010 World Cup Host Cities, dated 13 May 2008.


The Portfolio Committee on Transport having undertaken an oversight visit on 26 February 2008, reports as follows:


A. Introduction:


The Portfolio Committee on Transport undertook a relatively intense oversight programme last year to assess transport preparations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the designated host cities. Tshwane was the one host city that was unable to meet with the portfolio committee last year. The committee’s round of visits was, therefore, completed on the 26 February 2008 with an oversight visit to the City of Tshwane where the committee was able to interact with the Mayor, Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for City Planning, Development and Regions, Public Works and Infrastructure Development and Senior Officials regarding the readiness of the City for 2010.


The Executive has identified public transport as the primary legacy that should be derived from our hosting of the World Cup. If the opportunity of hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup is to be used to provide a sustainable transport legacy, then planning and the assurance of effective funding for public transport systems need to be more or less completed already, and full-scale implementation needs to be underway in the coming months, if this is not already the case.


The following members formed part of the delegation:


Mr J P Cronin, Chairperson (ANC); Ms N P Khunou, Whip (ANC); Mr L B Mashile (ANC); Mr O M Mogale (ANC); Mr N E Magubane (ANC); Mr M I Moss (ANC); Ms M D Nxumalo (ANC); Mr S A Mshudulu (ANC); Ms B Thomson (ANC); Mr S B Farrow (DA) and Ms V Mafilika (Committee Secretary).


B. The purpose of the visit:


·         To observe Tshwane’s progress in terms of planning, implementation of transport and related infrastructure in supporting the success of 2010.

·         To look at how planning and implementation is related to a vision of a durable transport legacy for the city of Tshwane.

·         To enquire about the support that the National Government, Provincial Government, the Local Organizing Committee and relevant parastals were providing to the city.


Key submissions and problems raised by the City of Tshwane


·         Planning for a public transport 2010 legacy is focused on improving the present Metrorail services, upgrading stations, and introducing new stations, combined with a new bus rapid transit (BRT) system, together with the planned Gautrain extension to Pretoria (which will only be completed after 2010).


·         Bulk of funding will be provided in the 2010/2011 financial year, a period when the city would be finalising the plans for 2010 World Cup.


·          The coordination of transport planning between the city and province is not optimal. While the City is proposing to move towards establishing a Transport Authority, there is also a need to coordinate planning and implementation between the three major Metros in Gauteng and the province itself.


·         The proposed South African Rail Commuter Corporation’s planned new Moloto Corridor rail-line will have a gauge different to that of the present SARCC system, and the proposed Pretoria terminal will be a new station at some distance from the current main Pretoria station. This location does not fit in with current Tshwane transport and spatial planning, it will result in an added burden of shuttles between the existing station and the new station and other transport links, and generally indicates a lack of consultation with the City.


·         The City sees the extension and improvement of Wonderboom Airport as a priority to service not just the city and the industrial zone to the north, but also Rustenburg and the platinum mines. However, there is no budget allocation from national for such an extension.


C.  Concerns and recommendations raised by the Committee


·         While appreciating the detailed presentations made to the Committee during the oversight visit, the Committee is concerned that there was not always clarity about the integrated transport plan of the City, its relationship to 2010 and to other projects underway, including the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system. This impression might have been the result of transport planning and implementation being divided between at least two different MMCs, with transport infrastructure and public transport services located under different portfolios. We recommend that the City’s administration pays particular attention to ensuring that there is effective integration. The planned Tshwane Transport Authority may well assist in achieving more effective integration.


·         The Committee agrees with the City of Tshwane that there are challenges in more effectively ensuring coordination between provinces and cities in the planning, funding, implementation and regulation of public transport. The Committee will be dealing with the National Land Transport Bill (April 2008) later this year. It is draft legislation that addresses itself to these challenges, and the Committee will interact with the City of Tshwane, and other cities, in greater detail when dealing with this legislation.


·         The Committee recommends that there be further consultation between the City of Tshwane, the Department of Transport and the SARCC regarding new Moloto rail-line, in particular in regard to the location of thePretoria terminal.


Report to be considered


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