ATC100421: Report Budget Vote 1: National Youth Development Agency

NCOP Women, Children and People with Disabilities

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Women, Children, Youth and People with Disabilities on Budget Vote 1: National Youth Development Agency, dated 21 April 2010


The Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth, Children and People with Disabilities received a briefing from the National Youth Development Agency on the budget allocation for 2010/11 and the related operational plan. The Committee engaged extensively with the Agency on the 21 April 2010 where several concerns were raised pertaining to the absence of a strategic plan which was not presented and the financial and programmatic issues pertaining to the entities it subsumed namely the National Youth Commission and the Umsobomvu Youth Fund. All of the aforementioned have a direct bearing on the ability of the Agency to fulfil its mandate effectively and for oversight to be conducted hereto. The Committee will meet with the Agency to consider the strategic plans and budget and will report to Parliament hereafter.  


Report to be considered.




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