Social Development

Portfolio Committee on Social Development 

DSD COVID-19 response and challenges (incl food security programmes, GBV programmes and services for homeless people) - 23 April 2020 (Joint meeting with Select Committee on Social Services)

NGOs on the Covid19 related food security programmes; DSD on its programmes (food distribution, psychosocial support and GBV) responding to the Covid 19 pandemic - 29 May 2020 (Joint meeting with Select Committee on Health and Social Services) 

Progress made in implementing GBV response action plan & SASSA COVID-19 intervention; with Minister - 4 June 2020

DSD 2019/20 Quarter 4 performance; Progress made to respond to Covid19 pandemic issues - 11 June 2020

DSD, SASSA, NDA Covid-19 Special Adjustments Budget; with Deputy Minister - 08 July 2020

Department of Social Development and entities on Covid19 update - 31 July 2020

DSD Quarterly Performance; Progress report to address backlog in Foster Care System & meet North Gauteng High Court deadline; Update on response to Covid19 pandemic issues - 26 August 2020

DSD, NDA & SASSA on progress made with action plan responding to AG 2018/19 audit findings; Update on Covid19 pandemic issues - 02 September 2020

Extension of COVID-19 relief of distress grant: SASSA Western Cape Office briefing - 17 November 2020

AGSA on Special COVID-19 Audit Reports; DSD 2020/21 Quarter 3 performance; Children’s A/B: discussion on contested ECD clauses - 17 March 2021