Small Business Development

Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development 

Covid-19 Expenditure Audit; Capacity Building Session on AGSA’s role as an assurance provider - 01 April 2022

CGE Report on implementing Government’s Women Economic Empowerment Programmes; COVID-19 Special Audit Report - 09 March 2022

Financial Support Interventions provided to small business during COVID- 19 lockdown​ - 28 April 2020

DSBD on: SMMEs in distress; COVID-19 intervention measures; funding for SMMEs - 03 June 2020

Covid-19 Loan Guarantee Scheme: Engagement with BASA, SARB & NT; DSBD on National Funding Policy; Co-operatives Banks Development Agency on Integration of its Programmes with DSBD - 19 August 2020

COVID-19 Loan Guarantee Scheme: Treasury, BASA & SARB Input - 26 August 2020

Development Microfinance Association on mandate, challenges & COVID-19 response; Gauteng Township Economic Bill: briefing - 21 October 2020

Market Access Opportunities in response to Covid-19 Pandemic: DSBD briefing - 28 October 2020