Interviews of Candidates for National Youth Development Agency Board

National Youth Development Agency appointments

13 March 2009
Chairperson: Mr M Johnson (ANC) & Ms F Mazibuko (ANC, Gauteng)
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Meeting Summary

The following shortlisted candidates were interviewed by the Committee on 13 March 2009:

1. Ms A Coetzee
2. Mr PR Mnisi
3. Mr G Essop
4. Mr Y Pillay
5. Ms N Ntanjana
6. Ms N Moleko
7. Mr MR Khumalo
8. Mr BR Buys
9. Mr M Tyhali
10 Ms M Tshabalala
11. Ms P Makeleni
12. Mr VN Mbanga
13. Mr A Lungisa

The complete short-list was as follows:
Mr V Sidali
Mr EB Letsoalo
Mr MW Thango
Mr G Essop
Mr VN Mbanga
Mr S Nair
Ms A Coetzee
Ms N Ntanjana
Mr PR Mnisi
Ms N Moleko
Mr MR Khumalo
Mr L Marincowitz
Mr O Sipuko
Ms I Motau
Mr LI Maile
Mr S Khan
Mr G Mackenzie
Ms P Kadi
Mr BR Buys
Mr M Tyhali
Mr FJ Slabber
Ms M Tshabalala
Ms P Makeleni
Mr A Lungisa
Mr Y Pillay
Mr DD Adams

Candidates were asked the following questions:

- The interviewee was asked to tell the Committee about him/herself
- They were to explain the differences between the National Youth Commission and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)
Members asked interviewees what their vision was for the NYDA
They were asked what values they thought a NYDA board member should have
The Committee asked what skills and experience candidates would bring to the NYDA board
Candidates were asked what major issues they thought the youth would face over the next ten years and what they would do to address these challenges
Members asked the candidates to give their understanding of what the draft policy on youth development was
The Committee wanted to know if candidates knew how the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and the Companies Act would be relevant to the board
Interviewees were asked if they were involved in any other initiatives and how much time they would have to devote to NYDA and board activities
Members wanted to know how candidates would make the NYDA accessible to the youth
Candidates were asked how they would conduct themselves if there were disagreements within the board or if other board members disagreed with their ideas
The Committee asked if there were sufficient and adequate structures in place to deal with challenges regarding youth development. If not, what would the candidates do to improve the situation?
Interviewees were asked what they would do if there had to be major cuts in the NYDA budget
Members asked each candidate if he/she had been convicted/imprisoned without the option of a fine, if he/she had ever been declared mentally unfit by a court of law, if he/she had ever been dismissed from office due to improper conduct and if he/she had ever been declared insolvent.

Refer to the audio link above to listen to candidates’ responses to these questions.

The meeting was adjourned.    

Meeting report

Minutes for this committee meeting are not yet available.


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