Kellerman petition: progress report; all legislative proposals held over

Private Members' Legislative Proposals and Special Petitions

19 August 2008
Chairperson: Mr P Gerber (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The committee could once again not take decisions on the legislative proposals before it, as there was no quorum. Members who were present expressed concern that the other Members were tied up with other meetings and were genuinely unable to attend. A further date suitable to more Members, where a quorum was available, would be convened.

A question was directed on the progress of the Kellerman petition. The Committee Secretary noted that the Committee Chairperson, Ms Mentor, as well as a Parliamentary Legal Adviser had communicated with the Speaker again but were still waiting for a response.

Meeting report

Mr Gerber was elected to chair the meeting.

Mr Gerber welcomed Mr Christopher Brown, the Consulate General of Canada, who was particularly interested in the legislative proposal to enact the proposals around expunging of criminal records from apartheid laws. Mr Gerber explained the procedure the proposal would have to go through.

Mr Gerber said that once again there was no quorum, and therefore the Committee could not take any final decisions.

He noted, in respect of Mr Selfe’s proposal, that the Department of Justice had indicated that it was working on a similar Bill to that of Mr Selfe, and the Committee still needed an indication as to the stage that Bill had reached, and the expected time frame. Mr Selfe was prepared to keep his proposal back if the other Bill was dealt with speedily and covered all the aspects that he had raised.

Adv P Swart (DA) expressed concern that the Committee was unable to take decisions because Members were genuinely busy with other meetings.

Mr Gerber agreed and hoped that there would be full attendance at the next meeting.

Kellerman Petition
Adv Swart once again asked whether there had been any progress on the Kellerman petition.

Mr Mocumi, Committee Secretary, stated that both the Committee Chairperson, Ms Mentor, and the Parliamentary Legal Adviser, Adv Zuraya Adhikarie, had communicated with the Speaker and were waiting for a response.

The meeting was adjourned.


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