Second and Third Quarter Expenditure Reports: adoption and consideration

Budget Committee on Appropriation

07 March 2008
Chairperson: Mr B Mkhaliphi (ANC, Mpumlanga)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee considered and adopted the Second Quarter Expenditure Report, and proposed certain additional recommendations. Additional content was requested in the Third Quarter Expenditure Report before it could be considered further.

In addition, the Committee discussed the issue of efficiency in the public service and it was agreed that there was a need to increase skills development training to improve service delivery.

Meeting report

Committee Report on Second Quarter Expenditure
The Committee considered the report and made the following additional recommendations.

Members agreed that there was a need for an increase in the Department of Housing budget. It was expected that the Housing Development Agency Bill, which would be passed into law in July, would improve service delivery.

In monitoring development there was a need to assess the housing agencies, as well as a need to engage them on options and tools to be used in executing their duties. National Treasury would also be consulted on the roles of the agencies, the construction of houses and their sale.

Moreover, the filling of vacancies within that Department was another issue in discussion. Human resources and efficiency in the public service had to be dealt with through the filling of vacant posts.

It was noted that there was a huge spending on personnel by that Department and the Committee agreed that underperformance should not be tolerated. Priorities set for that department for the 2007/2008 financial year included a focus on work ethic and staff efficiency, as reports raised a need for change in that regard.

The Committee also noted consistent fluctuations in department spending and performance in the Report. The Parliamentary researchers were asked to find the reasons behind overspending. The report was adopted, but it was noted that the issues raised by the Committee be included in the recommendations.

Draft Committee Report on Third Quarter Expenditure
The Committee requested additional facts in the Report to avoid speculation.

The meeting was adjourned.


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