Sports Committee Annual Report & Korea/Japan Study Tour Report: adoption

Sports, Arts and Culture

12 February 2008
Chairperson: Mr B Komphela (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee adopted its Report on its Study Tour to South Korea and Japan, its 2007 Annual Report and Committee’s Draft Programme for 2008.

The Committee briefly discussed the recent public spat between the President of Cricket South Africa and the Proteas Coach. The Committee decided to call Cricket South Africa to appear before it to clarify the matter.

Meeting report

The Chairperson informed Members that it would not deliberate on the President’s State of the Nation Address at this particular meeting, as the Department of Sport and Recreation (the Department) will be hosting a workshop next week at which it would be discussed. The workshop would be held in Cape Town. The Committee Secretary will furnish Members with the details later in the week.

Committee Report on South Korea/Japan Study Tour
The Chairperson went through the report with Members. The Committee effected certain technical and grammatical amendments to the Report. He proposed that the Report not be adopted, but rather that Members take time to read through the Report and make the necessary changes.

Committee Annual Report 2007
The Chairperson went through the Committee’s Annual Report. He wanted to know why all the expenditure totals in the Report had been rounded off.

The Committee Secretary, Mr P Phori, replied that he had rounded off the amounts so that no cents were included.

Mr C Frolick (ANC) commented that the amounts given were misleading.

The Chairperson wanted to know what the turnaround time was for the Committee’s minutes and Reports to be submitted to the Committee for adoption.

The Committee Secretary replied that the Committee should be able to adopt its minutes a week after a meeting had taken place.

Draft Committee Programme
The Chairperson went through the Draft Programme  with the Committee. He moved to adopt the Draft Programme of the Committee. This was seconded by Mr Frolick.

The Committee adopted the Report, without amendments.

Draft Committee Report on Department’s 2007 Annual Report
This was not considered during the meeting.

Other Committee Business
The Chairperson informed the Committee that Mr E Salojee (ANC) was not well and would be away on sick leave. He suggested that a delegation from the Committee be formed to visit him.

Mr Lucas (IFP) suggested that the Committee also write a letter to Mr Salojee.

Mr Frolick asked that the Committee look into the recent public spat between the President of Cricket South Africa, Advocate Norman Arendse and Proteas Coach, Micky Aurthur. The administrators would have to make tough decisions during the course of their business. Adv Arendse was raising issues around transformation, whereas the President of Cricket South Africa did not have executive decision-making powers. He suggested that the Committee ask Cricket South Africa to appear before it to explain what was happening.

Mr Lucas supported the recommendation.

A Member of the Committee added that it would be best to get the information from Cricket South Africa itself and not the media.

Mr Ried (ANC) was concerned as the country appeared to be reverting to the same situation that it had experienced with the South African Ruby Union (SARU).

The Chairperson agreed that Cricket South Africa should be brought before the Committee to answer questions from Members. He stated that Mr Gerald Majola was a Cricket South Africa administrator and should not “elevate himself to the level of President” of that organisation. He was sure that the Minister would sharehis view.

The meeting was adjourned.


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