Humansdorp Oversight Report: adoption


13 March 2007
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

13 March 2007

Acting Chairperson:
Mr D Maluleke (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Committee Report on oversight visit to Humansdorp [available at Tabled Committee Reports once adopted]

Audio recording of the meeting

The Committee adopted the report on its oversight to Humansdorp, subject to amendments. Travel arrangements were made for members to attend the Strategic Session with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism scheduled for 19-20 March. Committee minutes of previous meetings were adopted, subject to minor adjustments.

Adoption of Committee Report on Humansdorp visit

Members went through the report in detail, making minor amendments.

Mr M Shah (DA) asked who was dealing with the issue of alcohol abuse amongst fishermen, which was a social problem within that community.

Mr Maluleke responded that it would probably involve a joint effort, by both the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (the Department) and the fishermen themselves, to ensure the abuse of that substance was controlled.

Ms J Chalmers (ANC) noted that the needs of that community had been identified, and there was certainly a recommendation to take that further. It was not the committee’s capacity; the government should be involved in the identification and monitoring of that need.

Mr Maluleke agreed with Ms Chalmers that there was a need to deal with alcohol abuse within the fishing industry.

Mr Shah agreed that there had to be a plan of action or a determined effort to deal with the problem.

The Committee adopted its oversight report, with amendments.

National Waste Management Conference
Mr Maluleke announced that the Committee had been invited to a National Waste Management Conference to be held in Gauteng on 22 and 23 March. The Conference fell within Parliament’s constituency week and he suggested that those members who were in Gauteng attend the conference, plus any others who wished to do so as well.

Strategic Planning Session
The Committee had been invited to the Strategic Session with the Department on 19 and 20 March.

Mr J Durand (Parliamentary Officer) explained that the conference would be held in Newlands in Cape Town. Parliament had changed its programme two weeks ago. The conference was arranged as a workshop exclusively for Members of Parliament to discuss strategic planning; with the objective of allowing Members to make input on those matters. It was a most important occasion when Members could engage with the Department before the strategic plan was finalised. This was arranged a long time ago but, because Parliament had changed its programme, the session would now be held the following week.

Mr A Mokoena (ANC) asked about travel arrangements.

Mr Durand responded that arrangements were being made. Arrangements had been made for Members to be picked up at Parliament, taken there and brought back to Parliament by shuttle service.

Adoption of Minutes

Minutes of the minutes of 27 February were adopted, subject to minor adjustments.

The meeting was adjourned.



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