Candidate shortlisting procedure: planning

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report



9 June 1998


Documents handed out:

Chairperson's Report to Members (see Appendix)

The Chairperson, Mr Sikakane, went through his report. He highlighted that members should adhere to s196(2), (4), and (10) of the Constitution when considering applications, with the emphasis on section 196 (10) which reads:

196 (10) A commissioner is appointed for a term of five years, which is renewable for one additional term only, and must be a women or a man who is -

(a) a South African citizen, and

(b) a fit and proper person with knowledge of, or experience in, administration, management or the provision of public services.

Concerning the short-listing procedure, it was decided that there were many applications and they must be reduced to a list of a maximum of 12 names as there were five vacancies. It was decided that the closing date would be 19 June 1998 and the committee would meet at 11h00 on 30 June (and not 29 June as proposed in the Chairperson's Report to Members) for the short-listing process.

On the issue of interviewing, these will be conducted in the first week of the third quarter of Parliament. The schedule will be approximately an hour per interview and all interviews will occur on one day.

Questions by committee members:

A committee member complained about the twelve hours planned for interviews saying that this was too long. He suggested that the process should be split up. The Chairperson said that the interviews for possible candidates would be held on one day, starting from 07h00 until 19h00 but it could be done in 5 hours. Mr Dexter (ANC) proposed to do away with interviews. The Chairperson responded that it would be unconstitutional.

Mr Mgidi (ANC) wanted to know whether the committee had been given enough criteria as to what procedure should be used for short-listing. According to the Chairperson, there were the criteria mentioned in the Constitution, but it did not restrict the committee members to it. If the committee members wanted to add on to the criteria set by the Constitution then they could do so. Mr Dexter proposed to use the criteria in the Constitution, but was concerned about the interview process.

Appendix 1:

Ad Hoc Committee on Appointments to the PSC


Approval of Report of the Ad Hoc Committee

On 20 May the House agreed to the procedure and criteria proposed by the Committee in its Report.

The criteria are to serve as guidelines for the Committee - in other words the Committee is not strictly bound by the criteria contained in the Report.

Members should note, however, that the criteria, drawn from sections 196(2), (4) and (10) of the Constitution, should be adhered to when considering the applications, especially section 196(10). The Committee is free to draw up more detailed criteria.

Advertisement & Deadline

The advertisement appeared in the Sunday Times, Rapport and City Press on Sunday 31 May. (The advertisement is attached to the Notice for this meeting.)

The deadline is Friday 19 June at 12 noon.


The short-listing procedure is critical, because the Committee must reduce all the applications received to a short list of a maximum of 12 names.

To facilitate this procedure, the Committee Secretary will draw up a table listing the name, relevant qualifications and experience etc of each applicant so that unsuitable applicants may be eliminated as efficiently as possible.

At the end of the short-listing procedure, the applicants which remain must be suitable for the position of Commissioner, and their number must not exceed 12.

The Committee may decide that it only requires copies of those applications which are feasible candidates in terms of qualifications and experience.

Proposed recess meeting

In order to save approximately six weeks, it is necessary to convene a meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee during recess

Approval and funding has been obtained for the meeting

The date of Monday 29 June is proposed for this meeting.

Members should also discuss the starting time of the meeting - the short-listing procedures may take some time. If members wish to fly in and out on the same day, the meeting may start at 11am.

A quorum will be required for this meeting.

Contacting short-listed candidates

The Committee Secretary will use the time from 29 June until the start of the third quarter to contact short-listed candidates to arrange interview times.


Interviews may be conducted in the first week of the third quarter, which has been designated as a week for committee work.

At approximately an hour per interview, 12 hours of interviews will be required.

Meeting for final deliberations and adoption of a Report

This meeting can take place in the following week.


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