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07 March 2006
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


7 March 2006

Chairperson: Mr B Komphela (ANC)

Documents handed out:

The adoption of Committee Reports could not be executed due to the lack of quorum. The Chairperson stressed the importance of proper legislative procedure when adopting Committee Reports and in ensuring the requisite participation by the provinces when processing legislation. The major legislation for the year would be the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Bill and proper provincial participation must be ensured. He stressed the role that government would play in the hosting of the Soccer World Cup in 2010, and that interaction would be needed between the various levels of government and between this Committee and others on this matter. The World Cup preparations had to be contained within the Government’s Programme of Action.

The Chairperson noted that there was an insufficient quorum at the meeting so the Committee Reports could not be adopted. He raised the issue of correct legislative procedure. As the Committee sent recommendations to the Speaker, the Committee Reports must be correct, and must be adopted correctly. He cited the examples of the Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Act, where Doctors for Life was taking legal action over the validity of the Act because of inconsistencies in the legislative procedure, and the Matatiele municipality issue where the provinces involved had not held proper public hearings. The major legislation for the year would be the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Bill. Provinces needed to hold public hearings before this Bill could be adopted. This was a weighty document, and would take some months to be worked through.

Mr Khompela pointed out that the Committee planned to meet with the Department (SRSA) on the 8 and 29 March where interaction would be possible regarding their strategic plan.
The Minister would also be present. He said that more interaction was needed with the Department (SRSA), preferably on a quarterly basis. This would allow for the better monitoring of its activities, especially regarding spending patterns. With SRSA’s report to Parliament being an annual event, twelve months elapsed before any assessment of performance took place. This more regular meeting schedule would be infused into the Committee's programme. He added that a meeting was planned with AFREC who would present various angles on the interrogation of the Department's budget, business and strategic plans.

Mr Khompela noted that an amount of R261 billion had been allocated for World Cup facilities. Inter-committee meetings would be held with the Portfolio Committee’s for Transport, Communications and Tourism to cover overlapping issues. SRSA had been allocated R300 billion, and a percentage needed to be devoted to the benefit of women. The World Cup programme had to be contained within the Government’s Programme of Action. Advantages had to accrue to women and the disabled, and employment opportunities had to be created.

He said that there would need to be a link-up with provinces. The new stadium planned for Green Point was a particular issue. He stressed that it was not the provinces that was hosting the tournament, but the South African government. The opening ceremony would be held in either Port Elizabeth, Durban or Cape Town. The cities would need to bid for this. The final would be played in Johannesburg, and this would probably also be the venue for the closing ceremony. Interaction was needed with the unicities which would host these events.

He stated that money had been appropriated to be used by the provinces. New stadiums were being built in Polokwane, Nelspruit, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. The Committee needed to know who was building these stadiums, and if labour-intensive methods were being used. Job creation was a priority. He also questioned the position regarding the upgrading of current stadiums. Venues such as Loftus Versveld and the FNB Stadium were privately owned, and agreements had to be reached with the owners to monitor the spending of government money.

The Minister would have to brief the Committee on these issues. It was important that Committee members have the information on World Cup preparations to answer any questions which might be posed to them by the public. He stressed the huge nature of the challenge facing the country.

Ms D Morobi (ANC) asked why Castle Lager had not been given the tender to supply beer for the tournament.

The Chairperson said that there were many other brands. He feared that there might be some ambush marketing. Dr Joe Pahla was part of the Local Organising Committee.

The Minister would be available all day for SRSA meeting with the Committee and members should compile a list of questions.

Mr T Lee (DA) said that it was good to interrogate the Minister, but the Deputy Minister needed to be interrogated as well.

The Chairperson raised the issue of the two sports councils in Port Elizabeth which needed to be finalised.

The meeting was adjourned.


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