Social Work Amendment Bill: Briefing

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12 August 1998
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Meeting report


12 August 1998

Documents handed out
Social Work Amendment Draft Bill

The chairperson was concerned about giving the public an opportunity to make comments on the Bill because the delays in tabling the Bill had created a tight schedule. The State Law Advisor is still looking at the Bill but the Bill will go to Cabinet this week for approval and tabling. It will then be referred to this committee.

The 31 August 1998 has been scheduled for the Interim Council to give input on the Bill. Formal discussion of the Bill will begin on 4th September. This will allow the public time to prepare submissions.

Mr P. du Preez gave a briefing on the Bill. In 1995 a transitional council was established, namely the South African Interim Council for Social Workers ("interim council"), in terms of the Social Work Amendment Act 52 of 1995.

Recommendations had to be made within a 3 year period for the establishment and constitution of a new council to be known as the South African Council for Social Service Professions. The Interim Council will continue to exist until the first meeting of the new council takes place.

Clause 3(a), (b), (c), (d) to (p) were important clauses, as the Objects of Council had been retained.
Clause 4 is added to the Bill so that everybody is included in this umbrella body. Clause 5 (1) and (2) means that the council will consist of 3 social workers and 3 child and youth care workers.
With regard to Clause 6 (Vacation of Office):
Clause 6 (1) (a), a committee member asked how it can be determined that a council member's estate has been sequestrated. In reply it was noted that such certificates can be easily secured from Revenue Office. With regard to Clause 6 Clause 6 (1)(e), person sentenced to imprisonment (rather than a fine) reflects the serious degree of the offence.
Clause 8(1) replaces the provision of three council members with the words "at least five" which indicates there could be more than five.
Clause 14(a) to (c) [Establishment of professional boards] establishes the general power of the professional boards under the council. Mr du Preez commented that it is good to have an umbrella council which is juristic.
Clause 15 Mr Du Preez said it would be a criminal offence if one is not registered with council.

The 31 August is scheduled for the Interim Council to give input. Formal discussion of the Bill will begin on 4th September. This will allow enough time for the public to present oral submissions.


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