Living Marine Resources Bill: hearings


18 February 1998
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


18 FEBRUARY 1998


The Chairperson (G. Mahlangu, ANC) announced that this was the last meeting in which initial hearings were to be held on the Living Marine Resources Bill. After the presentation from the Department, the Trawler and Line Fishers Union, and Oceana Fishing Group, the public submissions would be finished. The Committee was requested to spend the rest of the week in the various party study groups or individually studying the submissions and the Bill. On Monday the 23rd February the Committee would meet to go through the Bill and make amendments.

Dr. Mayekiso from the Department of Environmental Affairs responded to some of the issues raised during the public hearings. He stated that it was not possible to respond to each and every point, and wanted to focus on the two comments made around the lack of consultation in the White Paper. Dr. Mayekiso submitted that these complaints were centred around a misunderstanding of the roles of various governmental institutions. A white paper is a government proposal on broad policy lines. Once it is made public, then there is opportunity for public input. Several submissions were heard on the lack of continuity between the previous Fisheries Policy Development Committee and its report, and the White Paper. Dr. Mayekiso said that there were discrepancies between the two documents, as the report needed to be transformed into a white paper format. However, he went on to outline many instances of where the core principles of the report were incorporated into the substance of the White Paper.

Mr. Williams (NP) commented that from the submissions heard there were many people who did not feel that the two documents had enough of a continuity. He asked Dr. Mayekiso how the department, specifically the Minister, was going to monitor the requests for access to fishing resources. Dr. Mayekiso answered that in Section 23, subsection 10, the Bill made provision for the Minister to make regulations to fulfil necessary functions. In addition, the Minister had the infrastructure of his department at his disposal.

A brief discussion within the Committee followed where agreement was reached that the bill should make the Minister accountable, but allow for him not to have to do all the hands-on work.

Mr. Vundla from the Oceana Fishing Group made a submission to the committee. His key thrust was that organisations that have currently undertaken vast restructuring programmes in terms of empowerment, should be given some protection by the Bill. He went on to outline empowerment and community programmes undertaken by Oceana.

Mr. September (ANC) stated that if the facts in the presentation were correct Oceana was to be commended. Mr. Mokoena (ANC) stated that the Bill does make provision for the Minister to take into account restructuring achievements.

Members of groups that had made submissions to the Committee previously were visibly upset at the Oceana submission. The key issue was that Oceana was an individual company, whereas all the other submissions had been made by the different sectors of the industry, comprising of numerous companies. The Chair stated that all submissions would be critically looked at.

The final submission was made by Mr. Daniels from the Trawler and Line Fishers Union. He stated that Fishers were not covered by any act of Parliament, unlike Agriculture. His major concern was that fisher workers would lose their jobs due to the reallocation of access rights. He stated it was wrong to penalise workers who have historically suffered. If the restructuring and empowerment was to occur, at least let those who have been in the industry for years, have access rights to allow them to approach and negotiate with management.



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