Committee Annual Report 2004: adoption

Sports, Arts and Culture

25 February 2005
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


25 February 2005

: Mr B Komphela (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Committee Annual Report 2004 [available once finalised at
Committee Reports]
Article: "Cricket Players Pack Bags Over Quotas - Not So Says Cricket Board"

The Committee briefly discussed its budget and other issues of concern such as its vision and mission statements.

The Chairperson stated that the Committee’s proposed budget of R3 million had been cut by half. He and Mr Saloojee (ANC Member) had also finalised the Committee ‘Vision and Mission Statements’, in line with the broader Vision and Mission Statements of Parliament, as required. These were included in the May to December 2004 Annual Report. He summarised that the Statements maintained that sport should serve as a means to eradicate poverty, create employment and keep people in good health through sports and recreation. There had to be an emphasis on bringing rural populations to the forefront of activities from which they had been deprived for so long.

Mr A Mlangeni (ANC) suggested that the Vision include overseeing the realisation of an active and winning nation, and ensuring that sport as a whole was accessible to all; specifically the disadvantaged in townships, etc. The aim was to make sure that it reflected inclusivity.

The Chairperson agreed and stated that the original draft included this suggestion but it had been omitted in the final draft by mistake. He further stated that the Committee Annual Report had already been adopted at a previous meeting, but they had decided to postpone finalisation before the Vision and Mission Statements were included. The final report was then adopted.

Sport and Recreation South Africa would present its Strategic Plan to the Committee on Monday 28 February in accordance with Parliament regulations. The Committee would request the SRSA to send copies ahead of time. He also stated that the budget presentation would be held on 7 April and Members needed to do the necessary research and be prepared to interact with the budget. The Minister would present his budget and table it to the Committee before 7 April. The Committee would then interact with the Minister at the political level to ensured important political issues were dealt with.

Mr A Mlangeni stated that in the past, the budget had always been presented by the Director-General. The Minister presenting the budget would be a new procedure, and he asked the reason.

The Chairperson stated that in the past, the proper procedure had not been followed. There were also resources available for the Committee to request the services of a researcher and an analyst. Also, it was important for the Committee to involve the population in rural areas. This was why, when the budget was presented, the Committee would need enough time to engage the public.

The meeting was adjourned.


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