Amendments to NCOP Rules; Finalisation of subcommittees

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


20 September 1999

The minutes of the Rules Committee meeting of the 13 August 1999 were considered. Concerning the financing and administration of the support staff of political parties, Mr M Moosa (ANC) complained that there are no sufficient funds provided. "This causes a lot of problems as far as efficiency is concerned. We have to look at the matter as it may weaken our Committees…" said Mr Moosa. Chairperson Ms N Pandor (ANC) concurred.

The Draft Amendments to the NCOP rules were considered and a few changes were made. Also, a consideration of the membership of various subcommittees was made. Following Ms J Vilakazi's (IFP) complaint, the Subcommittees on International Relations and Council Budget & Support Members, would have the minority parties coming up with names to be included onto these committees' list of alternate members.

In conclusion, Mr M E Surty (Chief Whip of the Council) complained that there are too many committees. The members adopted and agreed to the Committees, they feel that there are too many compared to the number of NCOP members.

Note: The official detailed minutes of this meeting will appear next week.


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