Central Drug Authority Nominations

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


8 February 2000

Documents handed out:

A list of nominees from all provinces except North West and Northern Cape (attached to end of minutes)

Chairperson: Mr E Saloojee

A shortlist of sixteen nominees for positions on the Central Drug Authority was finalised. Interviews are likely to take place on 22 and 23 February 2000. The short-listed nominees are: Jardine, Rataemane, F Gerber, Moodliar, Malaka, J Gerber, Hadebe, Moleko, Mynhardt, Parry, Bayever, Mahambehlala, da Silva, Hoekstra, Fredericks, Mathe.

Mr Viviers from the Department of Welfare and Population Development gave a short briefing on the Central Drug Authority. He stated that the Drug Advisory Board was responsible for initiating the process of fighting drug abuse. The Board was instructed to come up with a plan by the Minister of Welfare and Population Development. The Master Plan was drafted in late 1997 and early in 1998 public hearings were held in the provinces. After this the plan was redrafted and forwarded to the Minister, and also published in the Government Gazette for comment.

A concern had been raised that the Drug Advisory Board was not the appropriate structure and that an inter-sectoral and inter-dimensional structure was needed. Consequently Act 14 of 1999 provided for the establishment of the Central Drug Authority. The Minister had written to the 14 sectors represented for each to nominate a person. The Act makes provision for an additional the appointment of a maximum of twelve persons. These had to include be experts with a potential to make contributions to combating the drug problem.

The Chairperson requested the nomination lists of the various political parties.

The NNP representative indicated that he had only received notice of the meeting the previous day and was thus not ready to give their nominations. The Chairperson responded that the information had been timeously forwarded to the parties and that the committee could not take responsibility for parties that were not ready. The NNP representative was given an opportunity to liaise with his colleagues in order to ready their list of nominees.

Dr E Jassat (ANC) stated that the following factors should be looked at in choosing nominees: equitable representation from each province; gender equality; enforcement ability of the nominees; representation of the pharmaceuticals industry as well as people who were drug addicts.

The ANC supported the following 13 nominees from the list:
1. Dr CDH Parry (Western Cape)
2. GF Jardine (Western Cape)
3. Prof S Rataemane (Free State)
4. JW Gerber (Mpumalanga)
5. Dr MF Gerber (Eastern Cape)
6. JE Mahambehlala (Eastern Cape)
7. BAM Hadebe (Gauteng)
8. L da Rocha-Silva (Gauteng)
9. DC Mynhardt (Gauteng)
10. AS Moleko (Gauteng)
11. Dr DN Bayever (Gauteng)
12. DC Moodliar (KwaZulu Natal)
13.Prof DW Malaka (Northern Province)
The ANC pointed out that the were no names present from the Northern Cape and North West.

The UDM indicated that it came up with 10 names. These were:
1. Rev. TJ Fredericks (Western Cape)
2. NG Skosana (Free State)
3. DC Moodliar (KwaZulu Natal)
4. Prof DW Malaka (Northen Province)
5. J van Rensburg (Mpumalanga)
6. JE Mahambehlala (Eastern Cape)
7. BAM Hadebe (Gauteng)
8. SV Mathe (Gauteng)
9. AS Moleko (Gauteng)
10. Rev Dr JV Fatuse (Eastern Cape)

The UCDP pointed out that they had not been present the previous week and therefore had not arranged their list according to provinces. The Chairperson responded that parties were not bound by provincial representation.

The UCDP list:
1. Dr Magdalena F. Gerber
2. Prof Solomon Rataemane
3. Deeradayenan C. Moodliar
4. Henry Gabriel L. Mothijoa
5. Sipho V. Mathe
6. Stanley C. De Smidt
7. Lee da Rocha-Silva
8. Dorothy W. Malaka.
9. Johanna W. Gerber
10. Thomas J. Visser

The Chairperson asked parties to motivate for names of nominees that had been chosen by fewer than three parties.

Ms J. Chalmers (ANC) suggested the name of Dr C Parry. Her motivation was that Dr Parry had in the past briefed the portfolio committee and he had attended meetings where he was the keynote speaker. Also, he is internationally respected and was involved in the formulation of the Master Plan.

Dr Mbulawa (ANC) suggested JE Mahambehlala. She stated that Mahambehlala has been a community worker and church member and has assisted parents that are under stress. Prof L. Mbadi (UDM) supported the motion.

Mr E. Saloojee (ANC) motivated for Lee da Rocha-Silva as having the best qualifications who had made important research contributions.

Mr Jassat raised Ms Gerber's name as having been nominated by the pharmaceutical industry. He stated that there needs to be pharmaceutical knowledge in order to pronounce on drugs.

The Chairperson pointed out that the reason that this consensus procedure was being followed was to minimize costs. For 12 nominees to be brought in for interviews the cost would be in excess of R20 000,00. The 22 February 2000 would be the final date for consensus to be reached. If there was still no agreement on that date, a vote would have to be carried out. The shortlisted nominees would be called for interviews.

The ANC suggested that every province should have representation. The two obvious were KwaZulu Natal and Northern Province. The following provincial list was agreed to by all the parties, with only the NNP reserving its position:
1. Western Cape Jardine
2. Free State Rataemane
3. Eastern Cape F Gerber
4. KwaZulu Natal Moodliar
5. Northern Province Malaka
6. Mpumalanga J Gerber
7. Gauteng Hadebe

The following nominees were nominated in consideration of qualifications with the support of four political parties (that had not already been chosen for provincial representation, urban-rural representation, gender equality and ethnic representation:
8. Moleko
9. Mynhardt
10. Parry
11. Bayever
12. Mahambehlala
13. da Silva
14. Hoekstra
15. Fredericks
16. Mathe

The shortlist eventually rose to 16 nominees who will attend interviews on the 22 (and perhaps the 23) February 2000.

The NNP noted concern that KZN is under-represented in the shortlisting. The Chairperson pointed out that only one KZN nominee had been supported by the parties.

The meeting was adjourned.

Appendix 1:





1. Dr C D H Parry

M W Makgoba

SACENDU. International contacts.

2. Dr R Meyer

Dr C D H Parry

Medical doctor
Director: Kenilworth Clinic Addiction Treatment Centre.

3. G F Jardine

K U Karassellous

Head of Department: Youth Outreach - Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre.

4. Dr S C de Smidt

E Banda

Provincial Co-ordinator of the Province on the Drug Advisory Board.

5. Rev. T J Fredericks

J S van Rooy

Member of Drug Advisory Board involved in the development of NDMP. Facilitator Public Hearings.

6. Dr W P Pienaar

H Subedar

Acting Head: Dept of Psychiatry: University of Stellenbosch. Involved in combating of substance abuse on local and national levels. Interested in biological aspects of substance abuse.





1. Adv M C Hoekstra

H Paul

Legal expert capable of making a contribution.

2. G H J Kruger

Dr C S Hibbert

Director: Aurora Alcohol and Drug Centre.

3. Prof S Rataemane

G H J Kruger

Lecturer in psychiatry.
Ex-vice chairman of Drug Advisory Board.

4. Dr C S Hibbert

N G Skosana

Member of the Drug Advisory Board.

5. N G Skosana

K G Mosieleng

Involved in all aspects of combating substance abuse since 1994.

6. M D Mafubelo

L Moshoeshoe

Attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa.





1. C L du Toit

F C Shaw
M A Lewis
M C Leppens

Director: SANCA, Durban.

2. D C Moodliar

M Arohary

Involved in rehabilitation on all levels of substance abusers.







1. Prof D W Malaka

M D M Makofane

Chairperson of South African Research and Practitioners' Association. Professor in Social Work: University of the North.






NAME1. J P A Brits

J W Gerber

Branch Commander, SANAB, Middelburg, since 1994.

2. J W Gerber

G M Jones

Programme Manager: Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Mpumalanga. Represented Mpumalanga on the Drug Advisory Board.

3. J van Rensburg

J W Gerber

Superintendent: Themba Alcohol and Drug Centre since 1996.









1. Dr M F Gerber

J J Gerber

Community involvement and research.

2. R S Epstein

Dr K Sukeri

Director: SANCA Alcohol and Drug Centre Eastern Cape.

3. J E Mahambehlala

N Ntanga
N M Qumana

Knowledge and experience of prosecution, counselling and training.









1. R Santor

A Vermeulen

Extended theoretical and practical experience in the combating of substance abuse.

2. M A Gillman

A J Matthews

Psychopharmacologist specialising in substance abuse.

3. B A M Hadebe

S A Lowton

Pharmacist with extended work experience locally and overseas. Also Drug Central Council, Zimbabwe.

4. J L Barnard

C Barnard

Previous experience in prosecuting in drug-related crimes.

5. L H G Mothijoa

A van Tonder

Community educator and counsellor.

6. L da Rocha-Silva

S E Brewis

Researcher/Teacher/Counsellor/Consultant on drug-related issues.

7. S V Mathe

L da Rocha-Silva

Participated in drafting of National Drug Master Plan. Deputy-Director of SANCA National.

8. S Garda

M R Jacobs
B N Moosa
B Singaram
A F Hynd

National Executive Director of SANCA.
Member of Drug Advisory Board.
Executive Board Member for the South African Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse.

9. K Pooe

M J Makoetla

Director of Services: Khutlo-Tharo Alcohol and Drug Help Centre, Vereeniging.

10. Rev. J B Magata

N P Nqwenise

Wide experience in the combating of substance abuse as well as related issues. Community Leader and representative.

11. T J Visser

Dr D F Theron

Experienced in the treatment of substance abuse. Member of Drug Advisory Board.

12. D C Mynhardt

Dr P R Venter

The only Drug Recognition Expert Instructor in Africa certified by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

13. J R Mathee

N G Mqweba

Extensive qualifications and experience in Labour Law. Committed to the struggle against substance abuse.

14. A S Moleko

O Z Mvubelo

Principal Clinical Psychologist/Senior Lecturer: University of Pretoria. Chairperson: SA Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse.

15. Dr D N Bayever

W J Kriel

Nomination on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of SA. Technical knowledge of drugs exceptional.

16. L C Wilcocks

M J Vos

Foremost expert in the alcohol and drug field in South Africa.

17. Rev Dr J V Fatuse

X P Bungane
Z Ncapai

Knowledge and experience of Welfare systems and networking within communities.


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