Election of Chairperson and Planning

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


3 November 2004

These minutes were produced by the Committee Secretary, Mr Lungisile Pakati

Relevant documents:
Annual Report of the Auditor-General (offsite link)


The Committee Secretary took the chair and provided a brief background to the establishment of the Committee. He mentioned the following:

- That the Committee was established by the resolution of the House on 19 October 2004, in terms of Rule 241 of the Rules of the National Assembly.

- Its mandate is to consider the Annual Report of the office of the Auditor General for 2003/04 financial year, as well as the Annual Budget of the office of the Auditor General.

Election of the Chair

The Secretary called for nominations. Ms J L Fubbs moved that Ms B A Hogan be chairperson. She was seconded by Ms S Rajbally.

Having had no further nominations, the Secretary put the name of Ms B A Hogan to vote. Ms B A Hogan was elected unopposed.

Way Forward

Having taken the chair, Ms Hogan opened discussion on the program the Committee had to follow.

Resolutions Taken

- The Secretary to distribute the following documents:

- Terms of reference (House Resolution), AG's Annual Report, copy of the Annual Budget, previous years Strategic Plan and copy of the Public Audit Bill.

- A letter to be written to Speaker explaining the anticipated inability of the Committee to adhere to the reporting deadline of 19 November in terms of the AG's Budget. This was because the Annual Budget of the AG had not been tabled yet. It would only be tabled on 22 November, two days after the reporting deadline has passed. The Committee would then only deal with the Annual Report.

- A Researcher to be requested from Parliament, whose task would be to draft the report of the Committee. The Researcher should have a financial background.

Next Meeting

The Committee will meet on Tuesday, 16 November 2004. Venue and time will be announced in due course.


Present: Mr S E Asiya, Ms J L Fubbs, Ms B A Hogan, Mr D Gumede, Mr M Johnson, Ms T V Tobias, Mr Y Wang, Ms S Rajbally, Dr R A Davies, Mr K A Moloto, Ms R R Joemat.

Office of the Auditor General: A Kamedien.


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