Committee minutes


16 May 2024
Chairperson: Ms T Mahambehlala (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


On a virtual platform, the Committee met very briefly to consider and adopt outstanding meeting minutes before the Sixth Parliament was dissolved.

 A Member was concerned about not receiving reports regarding the Gazette and the R34 million due to South African Tourism. The Chairperson explained this was not included as it occurred over the constituency period. However the information would be requested from the Minister.

The Chairperson thanked Members and wished them luck in their election campaigns.

Meeting report

The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting. She noted that the meeting was not intended to be long, particularly because many Members were involved in election work, which was a collective responsibility to ensure that South Africans were well-informed about their right to vote. The primary purpose of the meeting was to adopt minutes from previous meetings, which had not been completed. She mentioned that the meeting should only take 15 minutes and would be the last meeting for this period, allowing Members to return to their respective tasks and log into the hybrid sitting at 2:00 PM.

Committee Minutes

Minutes dated 20 March 2024

Without further delay, the Chairperson asked the Committee Secretariat to present the minutes. She reminded Members that the minutes had been sent to everyone and trusted that they had reviewed them and were aware of any issues to be raised.

The minutes were from the meeting held on 20 March 2024, and she proceeded to go through the pages, asking for any comments or motions for adoption.

After going through pages 1 to 8, she asked if there were any comments from the Members or if someone would move to adopt the minutes.

Mr A Matumba (EFF) pointed out that on page 8, the report on the issue of the Gazette and the report on the R34 million due to South African Tourism had not been received. He mentioned that they had only seen on the news about the R34 million due to South African Tourism, but they had not received that report, although other reports had been received.

The Chairperson responded, explaining that those events had occurred during the constituency period. She suggested that unless Mr Matumba was proposing that the report be requested from the Minister, they would not be part of these minutes, as these minutes were from meetings held before Parliament went on constituency period. She then asked if they could move to adopt the minutes, provided there were no amendments.

Mr Matumba moved for the adoption.

Ms H Ismail (DA) asked to confirm the attendance before adopting the report, apologising for taking the Committee back.

The Chairperson asked if the attendance needed to be confirmed again.

Ms Ismail clarified that she had lost connectivity and rejoined the meeting later. She then seconded the motion to adopt the minutes.

Minutes dated 27 March 2024

The Chairperson addressed Members, asking for comments on the minutes and requesting a motion for adoption.

Ms Ismail moved for the adoption, stating that the minutes truly reflected the meeting.

The Chairperson then noted that she would second them since there was no one else to support the minutes. She confirmed that the minutes accurately reflected the meeting and declared them adopted.

She thanked Members for their time and announced they would meet virtually for their hybrid plenary meeting.

She wished everyone luck in their election campaigns, whether they were conducting door-to-door visits or other campaign activities. She also mentioned that they would write to the Minister of Tourism, Minister Patricia De Lille, to request the information suggested by Mr Matumba.

With no further business, the Chairperson adjourned the meeting and thanked the Members, wishing them good luck.

Meeting adjourned.


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