Election of Chairperson; Draft Programme

Meeting Summary


The Committee met to nominate and elect a chairperson for the NCOP Ad Hoc Committee on General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill. The Bill overhauls the legislative framework currently provided in the National Strategic Intelligence Act, the Intelligence Services Act and the Intelligence Services Oversight Act, disestablishing the State Security Agency and reconfiguring the intelligence services into the South African Intelligence Agency, the South African Intelligence Service, the National Communications Centre and the South African National Academy of Intelligence.

Mr K Mmoiemang (ANC, Northern Cape) was elected unopposed as the Committee Chairperson. 

The Committee then reviewed a draft programme for its work with the support team outlining proposed dates for the initial briefing on the Bill, public hearings and consideration of a C-List.

Members agreed that meetings should be virtual where possible, mindful that Members were undertaking important constituency work at this time. It was said public participation was important so both written and oral inputs would be considered and further thought would go into the proposal for the Committee to conduct provincial hearings in the provinces not visited by the National Assembly Ad Hoc Committee.

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary opened the meeting by explaining that the meeting had been convened for the Committee to elect a chairperson. She called for nominations.

Mr C Dodovu (ANC, North West) nominated Mr K Mmoiemang (ANC, Northern Cape) as chairperson.

Ms S Shaikh (ANC, Limpopo) seconded the nomination of Mr Mmoiemang.

Mr Mmoiemang accepted the nomination.

In the absence of any further nominations, Mr Mmoiemang was duly announced as chairperson of the NCOP Ad Hoc Committee on General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill.

The Chairperson expressed gratitude for the confidence placed in him through the nomination, noting it was an honourable task.

He noted the General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (GILAB) was recently passed by the National Assembly (NA) and so referred to the NCOP. He looked forward to the cooperation of Members and display of support to execute the task of dealing with the Bill. He noted most Members of the Committee served in the security and governance cluster as well as the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence.

The support staff of the Committee was introduced. It was noted that most of the staff that served the National Assembly Ad Hoc Committee would serve the NCOP Ad Hoc Committee such as the Committee Assistant, Manager and Legal Advisor.

Draft Programme

The Committee took Members through the programme noting the first briefing on the Bill would take place on 4 April. It was noted the Bill would be published for public comment for 30 days thereafter. While the comments were received, the Committee could decide whether to conduct provincial public hearings, focusing on the four provinces the NA did not cover (EC, NW, NC, FS). It was proposed the Committee hear oral submissions on 23 April and consider public comments and amendments from provinces on 14 May. The Committee would advise on whether the meetings are physical or virtual. It was proposed the Committee consider the C-List of the Bill on 16 May 2024.

Ms C Labuschagne (DA, Western Cape) suggested most meetings take place online unless there was a pressing reason to hold a physical meeting. She said she would hear from the Committee regarding public hearings, noting that the NA carried out extensive public consultation in some provinces.

Ms Shaikh agreed with virtual meetings. She noted this was a S75 Bill, so the Committee should consider whether there was a need to consider oral inputs after receiving the written inputs. She noted the Committee did not need to wait for the initial briefing on the Bill before sending it out for comments – this could help save time.

Mr R Badenhorst (DA, Western Cape) also endorsed virtual meetings. He supported public hearings while minimising the amount of time the Committee spent on the road, noting the importance of constituency work that Members were engaged in at this time.

Mr Calvin Manganyi, Committee Advisor, said there was no challenge in receiving the initial briefing on the Bill online. He emphasised that the Department was aware that all the processes would be done in public and broadcast.

The Chairperson agreed on keeping Committee meetings virtual, including the briefing, and this could be reviewed if necessary.

The Committee Secretary clarified regarding public comments that some organisations prefer making an oral input instead of a written submission. Generally, such comments can be considered in one day, two days at most with six or seven organisations making their input. This also covers the Committee in terms of public participation.

Ms L Bebee (ANC, KZN) moved for adoption of the draft programme.

Ms Shaikh seconded the motion. She asked the Chairperson and Secretary to look into the programme based on the input.

Ms Labuschagne asked that the revised programme be shared on the Whatsapp group.

The Chairperson thanked Members for participating in the inaugural meeting of the Committee. He looked forward to executing the work. He expressed appreciation for the support team. He wished everyone well for the Easter weekend. The Committee would meet again next week.

The meeting was adjourned.



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