Consideration and adoption of committee minutes and reports

Joint Standing Committee on Financial Management of Parliament

05 March 2024
Chairperson: Ms D Mahlangu (ANC, Mpumalanga)
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Meeting Summary


The Joint Standing Committee on Financial Management of Parliament, comprising Members from the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces, convened a virtual meeting to deal with internal Committee business.  

The minutes from meetings on 28 November 2023 and 1 March 2024 were adopted, followed by the acceptance of two Committee reports on the performance of the parliamentary administration.

The Committee Secretariat presented insights on the draft legacy report, stressing its forthcoming adoption at the end of March. She outlined the report's contents, including key achievements, standard information, and stakeholder engagement, inviting feedback from Members for inclusion by 26 March 2024.

Meeting report

Chairperson Mahlangu outlined the agenda for the day. She added that this was the first meeting of the Committee she chaired in 2024 and wished everyone a prosperous and healthy year ahead. She acknowledged that the transition from 2023 to 2024 had been tough for many and asked if they could begin with any formal apologies.


Ms D Dlakude (ANC)

Ms S Gwarube (DA)

Committee Minutes

Minutes dated 28 November 2023

Co-Chairperson Mahlangu confirmed her attendance at the meeting, expressing her readiness to proceed. She suggested checking the accuracy of names, surnames, and initials on a designated page, emphasising the importance of maintaining official records.

Mr T Brauteseth (DA, KZN) proposed adopting the minutes, a motion seconded by Mr X Qayiso (ANC).

The minutes were then approved as an accurate reflection of the meeting's events.

Minutes dated 1 March 2024

Mr Brauteseth proposed adopting the minutes, which Mr Qayiso seconded.

The minutes were subsequently approved as an accurate reflection of the proceedings.

Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Financial Management of Parliament on the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa’s 2023/24 Mid-Year Performance

Co-Chairperson Mahlangu asked Members to carefully review the report for any amendments or errors, whether grammatical or typographical. She emphasised the importance of comparing it with the previously distributed version.

Mr Brauteseth expressed his readiness to propose adopting the report.

Mr Qayiso supported the adoption of the report, noting minor grammatical changes.

As a result, the report was accepted by the Members. Read full report here

Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Financial Management of Parliament on the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa’s 2023/24 Third Quarter Report

The Committee Secretariat went through some of the revisions to the report such as expanded abbreviations, corrected errors, and key changes in recommendations and observations. There was also rephrasing of the concerns expressed about proposed remedies for underperformance in the restoration project and slow progress in the institutional alignment project despite updates to the Committee. It was noted that the realignment project should have been completed before the 7th Parliament began.

The discussion among Members revolved around reviewing and confirming changes in a document.

Co-Chairperson Mahlangu sought confirmation from Members regarding various sections, such as 7.5.1 and 8.2.1.

Members were happy with the aforementioned sections.

Mr Qayiso moved for the adoption and was seconded by Mr Brauteseth.

The report was adopted. Read full report here

Draft Legacy Report for the JFMP

The Committee Secretariat clarified that the Legacy Report is scheduled for adoption by the end of March. She explained that the purpose of the current meeting is to introduce the draft report, which was initially shared with Members on 14 December 2023, and to gather feedback on any overlooked aspects for potential inclusion. She noted that the report will undergo further updates following subsequent Committee meetings to incorporate final status reports from the administration.

The report provides an overview of the Committee's focus areas, key achievements during their tenure, and standard information on portfolio entities, committee functions, and operational methods. It also includes statistical data for the current term, with pending updates to be made after the Committee's final meeting. Members are encouraged to provide feedback during the current meeting or submit written comments for consideration by 26 March 2024.

Co-Chairperson Mahlangu acknowledged that a preliminary draft report had been distributed to Members on 14 December 2023. She urged Members to identify any further issues they wished to see reflected in the report, even after receiving this initial draft. This would streamline the discussion when the report is reviewed on 26 March 2024, preventing the need to start from scratch. Members were encouraged to provide their input directly to the secretariat for inclusion in the final report. She then invited any Members with differing views or approaches to express them.

Mr Qayiso supported the approach of submitting any necessary additions to the report, indicating agreement with the method.

Co-Chairperson Mahlangu thanked the Committee Members for their agreement on the proposed approach for enriching the legacy report, particularly focusing on recommendations for the 7th Parliament. She confirmed the completion of discussions on the report, inviting any remaining views or outstanding matters for processing.

Acknowledging the Members' dedication, she thanked them for their commitment, recognising their efforts despite busy schedules and logistical challenges. She highlighted the importance of this collective effort in shaping the legacy of the sixth Parliament.

The meeting was adjourned.


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