Committee Interim Report on National Youth Development Agency Amendment Bill, with Minister

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

23 November 2023
Chairperson: Ms C Ndaba (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


The Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities met on the virtual platform to consider and adopt the Committee Interim Report on the National Youth Development Agency Amendment Bill [B13-2022].

The Minister of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities was present at the meeting.

Due to the insertion of s3(a) in the NYDA Amendment Bill, which did not appear in the original Amendment Bill as introduced in Parliament, the Committee needs first to get permission from the National Assembly to include this clause before it is able to adopt the Bill.

The Committee decided that it would request to have the matter put on the National Assembly plenary programme by next week given the urgency as the House would be debating the Bill on 5 December. The Committee will hold an in-person meeting on 28 November to finalise the A-List and B-version of the Bill. 

Meeting report

Committee Interim Report on National Youth Development Agency Amendment Bill The Chairperson informed the Committee that parliamentary rules state that the new clause inserting section 3(a) would require the permission from the Speaker before the Committee could adopt the Bill. She explained that is because when the Amendment Bill was gazetted, s3(a) was not in the Bill.

Minister Dlamini-Zuma and Dr Bernice Hlagala from the Department were present..

The Committee Secretariat outlined the meeting agenda which is to consider and adopt the Committee Interim Report on the NYDA Amendment Bill requesting permission to include this new clause. The Interim Committee Report was screened and read out.

The Committee adopted the Interim Report.

The Committee Secretariat explained that the report would appear in the Announcements, Tablings and Committee Reports (ATC) tomorrow and be sent to the House for approval.

The Chairperson asked the Secretariat who would present the Interim Report in the House, whether it would be the Chief Whip or someone else.

Ms F Masiko (ANC) was confused about the correct process and would seek advice on that. She noted that the Chief Whip was outside country.

The Chairperson replied that the Deputy Chief Whip is in the country from who Ms Masiko may seek advice.

Ms Masiko affirmed that she would do so.

Ms Kashiefa Abrahams, Committee Content Advisor, reiterated that after Members have adopted the report, the report would be ATC’d tomorrow and be sent to the House as part of the agenda. In addition, she suggested the Committee highlight the urgency of the permission for the new clause insertion so it is placed on the plenary programme for next week. Once the House makes a resolution to approve the insertion, the Committee can then proceed to schedule a meeting and adopt the B version of the NYDA Amendment Bill. Ideally the Committee should schedule that meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

The Chairperson agreed about the urgency given that the House will debate this Bill on 5 December.

The Secretariat indicated that she had not yet received a response from the Speaker on the permission.

The Chairperson urged the Secretariat to check with the Office of Speaker again.

The Secretariat replied that she had been advised by the Committee Section Manager that the insertion would be dealt with in the form of a motion in the House.

Way forward
The Chairperson suggested that the Committee convene an in-person meeting right after the plenary sitting on Tuesday 28 November and adopt the A-List and B-version of the Bill. The House would debate the Bill on 5 December 2023.

Ms M Khawula (EFF), Ms N Sonti (EFF) and Ms Masiko agreed to the Chairperson’s suggestion.

Minister Dlamini-Zuma indicated that there would be a Men’s Conference in Pretoria on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 November so she might not be available for the Tuesday meeting next week. But she would discuss this with the Deputy Minister to ensure that at least one minister would be present at the meeting.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting.


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