Tshwane Oversight Visit Report; Committee Report on DHS Q4 Performance

Human Settlements

21 September 2023
Chairperson: Ms R Semenya (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


Tabled Committee Reports

The Committee met to deal with in-house business such as considering and adopting a Committee oversight visit report to Tshwane and on the quarterly performance of the Department of Human Settlements. 

The Committee also dispensed of Committee meetings and the programme for the next term. 

Meeting report

Opening comments

The Chairperson requested that the meeting agenda be flighted, and thereafter it was adopted.

She then called for the Tshwane Oversight Visit Report to be flighted so that Members could go through the recommendations and eventually adopt it. She asked for urgency in this regard.

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements on the City of Tshwane oversight

The Committee was taken through the report https://pmg.org.za/tabled-committee-report/5475/


Dr N Khumalo (DA) suggested one of the recommendations be amended so that it reflected that there were plans in place, however these plans required participation of other departments.

An unidentified Member clarified that the issue of Tshwane had a plan which consisted of a blanket court order. She was, essentially, questioning the amendment which Dr Khumalo earlier suggested.

To this, the Chairperson resolved to keep the original recommendation but add that the Department should work with all provinces and metros, including the peace and stability cluster, to deal with the construction mafias. This was a national matter, not a city matter. She recalled that the Minister said she did not have the function of peace and stability as being part of Human Settlements; she relied significantly on the peace and stability cluster. Perhaps this could reconcile both views.

Members agreed to this suggestion.

The Tshwane Oversight Visit Report was adopted.

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements on the 2022/23 Fourth Quarter Financial and Non-Financial Performance of the Department of Human Settlements

The Committee was taken through the report https://pmg.org.za/tabled-committee-report/5474/

The Chairperson suggested that they change certain phrases and replace certain words for better reading.  

Mr L Mphithi (DA) recalled the Minister promising to investigate and give a report on lifestyle audits for housing inspectors. He suggested that this be included in the report. He further suggested that they be very clear about the location of the digitalisation of the list to deal with corruption.

The Chairperson noted that Mr Mphithi’s second suggestion was not only raised in the report, the Minister was also already aware of this and it was noted in the Annual Performance Plan (APP). She recalled the Minister mentioned that they should upgrade the system and the list should be escalated on a national level. For the moment, municipalities should table their beneficiary lists to Council, so that it becomes a resolution of the Council. The Minister should fast-track this system.

Ms N Sihlwayi (ANC) emphasised that they should add “Contracts with notable economic value” for women. This sounded better to her.

Ms M Makesini (EFF) asked for clarity on the issue of the two contractors arguing over which would be assigned to women; this should involve the Department and not just be limited to the two contractors.

To this, the Chairperson suggested that it appear on the North West report, rather, as it was more relevant to said province.

Members agreed.

Mr Mphithi interjected to ask if his earlier suggested changes had been noted in the report as he did not see any record of such.

It was confirmed that his changes were noted.

In continuing with the reading of the recommendations, the Chairperson asked for clarity on the specific department mentioned in the report. She suggested, on certain sections, that more evidence should be provided so that an investigation could be conducted.

Mr C Malematja (ANC) interjected to say that the departments should never try to be law enforcement; there were relevant institutions that were experts in dealing with allegations. Each party should stick to their respective designated sphere.

The report was adopted.

Committee minutes

The minutes of the following meetings were considered and adopted:

  • 30 August 2023
  • 13 September 2023
  • 06 September 2023

Committee Programme: Term Four

The Chairperson asked for the Fourth Quarter programme to be flighted. The Committee was requested to visit the Stellenbosch communities. Certain communities complained that the Committee did not visit all the informal settlements, only a few in the area. An application was filed with Parliament to visit all those informal settlements in one day; to account for the conditions of the people.

Mr Mphithi asked whether changes would be made to all the Zoom meetings on the programme.

To this, the Chairperson responded by saying no, especially after adoption of said programme.

The programme was duly adopted.

The Chairperson thanked all for their time and contribution, and apologised for any background noise they may have heard from her side.

The meeting was adjourned. 


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